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Discover the circuits of the Mediterranean Triathlon

In the following article we describe the circuits of the three appointments of the Mediterranean Triathlon: Castellón Triathlon, Valencia Triathlon and Alicante Triathlon.

The next Sunday 1 of July starts the Circuit Mediterranean triathlon, with the "Castellón Triathlon", first appointment of the three that make up this festival of triathlon in the Valencian Community, with appointments also in Valencia and Alicante, that is, in the three provincial capitals.

Castellón Triathlon (July 1)

Description of the circuits:

Swimming: It will be held in Playa del Pinar, next to the Planetarium, in the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the main protagonist of the Mediterranean Triathlon Circuit and where they will swim in all the competitions of the circuit. Depending on the chosen distance (supersprint, sprint and olympic) different laps will be given to a circuit delimited with buoys

Cycling: Very fast circuit, practically in round trip for the Av del Mar. The supersprint consists of a round of 10km, the Sprint 2 turns until completing the 20 km and the Olympic 4 turns to cover the 40 km.

Race on foot: As in the rest of the segments, depending on the test, there will be different laps to a 2,5km circuit on the seafront, round trip. The climate of Castellón is always warm at this time, but it is sure to accompany the sea breeze that will make this segment not so hard for the participants.

The competition schedule will be:

Sunday 1 July

  • 8: 00h Home Triathlon Olympic
  • 9: 45h Home Triathlon Sprint
  • 10: 15h Home Triathlon SuperSprint
  • 10: 20h Home Women's Triathlon

Valencia Triathlon (8 and 9 of September)


Description of the circuits:

Swimming: Swimming will take place inside the port of Valencia, in very calm waters, which look like a swimming pool, without waves or currents. There will be three different circuits delimited by buoys for each of the distances.

Cycling: The circuit is flat and very fast, runs through the interior of the port dock and the av. of the Port and Serrería street, two wide roads to be able to roll well. In total each round is 10km and depending on the chosen test will be given 1 lap (super sprint), 2 laps (sprint) and 4 laps (Olympic)

Race on foot: A flat and fast circuit of 2,5 km through the port of Valencia, which will be given a lap in the supersprint triathlon and two laps in the sprint. For the Olympic triathlon it will be the same circuit but lengthened up to 3,33 km to give 3 laps and complete the 10 km.

The competition schedule will be:

Saturday September 8

  • 08: 00h Home triathlon Super Sprint
  • 08: 30h Home Triathlon of the Woman
  • 09: 30h Home triathlon Sprint

Sunday 9 September

  • 08: 00h Home triathlon Olympic

Alicante Triathlon (29 and 30 of September)

Description of the circuits:

Swimming: Swimming will take place at Postiguet Beach, in a circuit of 350m for the triathlon supersprint and one of 750m for the sprint. There will be two laps to complete the 1500m swim in the Olympic.

Cycling: The cycling circuit is very complete, it has a first climbing area along the Avenida de Vilajoyosa and the turn around the same place becomes very fast. Later it goes through the center of Alicante, along the street Vázque Maella surrounding the Castle of Santa Barbara and transiting through the central Rambla Méndez Nuñez until returning to the port. Depending on the distance chosen, the triathletes will give a specific number of laps.

Race on foot: Finally the foot race runs at the beginning of the Paseo de Gomiz towards the port, where it is practically all the route of these 2,5, a flat circuit by the port and close to the sea. One lap for the supersprint triathlon, two laps for the sprint and four for the olympic.

Saturday September 29

  • Super Triathlon Sprint
  • Sprint Triathlon Relays
  • Triathlon of the Woman
  • triathlon Sprint

Sunday 30 September

  • triathlon Olympic
  • Olympic triathlon by relays

More information: https://www.mediterraneatriatlon.com/

Mediterranea Triathlon

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