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Club la Santa, the sports paradise of triathletes

You can practice more than 80 sports and an extensive program of 500 sports activities a week

Club Santa


Sports facilities


Price quality




Race on foot


Bicycle rental


Rooms, restaurants



  • Variety of free activities
  • Private lagoon
  • Olympic pools
  • Several restaurants
  • Sports environment
  • Non smoker


  • Slightly removed from the urban core

El Club Santa it enjoys a privileged location in the northwest part of the island of Lanzarote.

Due to the climate of the island, with warm temperatures throughout the year and its crystalline waters, it is the perfect place to be able to perform sport throughout the season.

It has the possibility of practice more than 80 sports and an extensive program of 500 sports activities a week taught by specialist professionals.

This program of activities and the enjoyment of sports facilities are included in the price of the accommodation, so you will have no excuses to enjoy it.

Triathlon News tells you first hand

How could it be otherwise, from Triathlon News we move to Club Santa to experience the sports paradise of triathletes in first person:

The swimming

You will not find an equal place to carry out your swimming training, with 2 pools of 50 meters with 8 streets each of them and a pool of 25m with other 8 streets, all of them with heated water.

But if that were not enough, one private lagoon It will allow you to carry out your open water training.

You have the possibility to choose targeted workouts, both focused on the technique and the performance, and differentiated by levels, or if you prefer to train on your own.

Targeted training in swimming

We decided to try everything and we could enjoy targeted workouts in which we coulds choose the total volume training according to our level, training without the presence of a monitor with the privilege of having a full street for us since there is a lot of space available and there are no hours of overcrowding in the use of the pool.

Of course we couldn't leave without trying the private lagoonso we took the Zone3 wetsuit and we went swimming and canoeing, since You can also request these boats in its facilities for free.

Club la Santa, the sports paradise of triathletes

All these possibilities give you the opportunity to go as a group or individually, given that there are always personnel and options to carry out training with more athletes or follow your personal planning.


The Club La Santa you will find endless possibilities to make your routes by road or MTB through villages, vineyards and between volcanoes.

You will also have the possibility of making guided group routes and differentiated by levels From 14Km for initiation to testing the 180Km of the Ironman for the most expert.

Club la Santa, the sports paradise of triathletes

The magnificent possibility of bicycle rental or loan at Club La Santa It will allow you to travel comfortably without your bicycle, thereby avoiding frequent headaches when checking in.

The race.

In Club La Santa you will find “the stadium”, A magnificent facility consisting of a 400m running track and 6 lanes, with a central grass area, which will allow you to carry out your series training in the best conditions.

Club la Santa, the sports paradise of triathletes

In addition, soon they will begin to reform in this facility that will make it an exceptional site.

If you are one of us, one of those who prefers to leave the athletics track, the surroundings of the hotel allow you infinite possibilities for both mountain and off road races.

And if this were not enough, you can also join the scheduled activities They include filming, technical training and interval training.

Además, motivation will not be a problem, Given that regardless of the time you decide to go out to train, you will find more athletes doing it, making it an incentive to strive day by day.

Supplementary Workouts

But this is not all! La Santa Club has numerous possibilities for you to do other trainings complementary and necessary for your preparation:

Strength training in your magnificent gym or through various activities such as Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Attack) or classes functional training with various materials and objectives (Kettlebell, TRX, Fitball, Battleropes, Abdominals)

Club la Santa, the sports paradise of triathletes

And to end or start a good training day there is nothing like enjoying the more relaxing and disconnection classes as well as in Yoga, Stretch & Relax, Body Balance, Arial Stretch and Arial Relaxation.

All activities are led by professionals, specialized in various sports that will technically help you improve every day.

Además, we highlight the encouraging and motivating attitude of the entire "Green Team" of monitors in the activities, which from 8 in the morning transmit unlimited energy.

If you still have doubts about everything you can enjoy and take advantage of your season with a stay at Club La Santa, we invite you to visit its website: And you subscribe to your exclusive news for triathletes

Laura García Cervantes
Laura García Cervantes
Dra. Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport

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