How do you have to overtake cyclists with the new traffic law?

La new traffic law It is expected to be approved in the coming days and will bring changes in the regulations regarding the safety of cyclists

In this law it is observed that bad overtaking of cyclists will be punished more severely where this year 30 cyclists have died.

Any inflation that endangers cyclists could lead to the withdrawal of up to 6 points on the card.

These are the main changes to the law

Motorists will have to change lanes when passing or keeping 1,5 meters.

A new way of overtaking bicycles and mopeds in article 35.4: from now on, in certain circumstances, motorists will be obliged to change lanes.

 "The driver of a vehicle who intends to overtake a cycle or moped, or a set of them, must do so occupying part or all of the adjacent or opposite lane, where appropriate, of the road and keeping a safety width of, at least 1,5 meters".

The distance of 1,5 m will be kept except when the road has more than 1 lane, where the vehicle will have to change lanes

You must keep that distance of 1,5 meters "except when the road has more than one lane in each direction, in which case a complete lane change will be mandatory".

The General Directorate of Traffic advises whenever possible, occupy the adjoining lane to leave as much space as possible for users of mopeds or bicycles.

6 points if you miss a cyclist

The regulations include: "Forbidden to overtake endangering or hindering cyclists traveling in the opposite direction, even if these cyclists are traveling on the archesn ".

And an annex is introduced where the loss of points is reflected in the following situation

 "Passing endangering or hindering cyclists or without leaving the minimum separation of 1,5 meters ".

€ 200 fine

Any of these infractions will entail a fine of € 200

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