How to follow the Grand Final of the World Series live?

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At last tomorrow we will know if Mario Mola gets his second world cup

From today it is being celebrated in the Dutch city of Rotterdam la Grand Final of the World Series in the various categories. Many Spaniards compete in events where Mario Mola He is one step away from claiming his second world title in a row. In the following article we analyze the various options for obtaining the title for Spaniards.

Mario Mola is presented as the favorite in the event after having achieved victory in fourth events this year (Gold Coast, Yokohama, Hamburg and Edmonton) and starts with number one on the starting list with 3.701 points in the ranking. Yes Mario get a Top 5 in the test will be enough for proclaim champion for second consecutive Year. All the information in the previous of the race

APP of the Grand Final

In addition the organization has developed an application to not miss any of the test

  • IPhone
  • Android

Schedules of the test

 Grand Final Rottedam Schedules

Elite male test

  • Date: Saturday 16 of September
  • Time: 12: 50 PM

Female Test elite

  • Date: Saturday 16 of September
  • Time: 15: 35 PM

 Where to see it live?

RTVE:  (Only elite tests)

TVG: (Only elite tests)

AND YOU: ( All the tests)

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