The Valencian Community will allow sporting events of 1.000 people

It goes into effect today.

One more step towards the new normal. From today April 26 in the Valencian Community they can be played events with 1.000 participants outdoors.

With the publication of this new order in the DOGV, events such as Popular careers, cycling events, triathlons, etc. with a participation of up to 1.000 people if they are held outdoors and a maximum of 300 in closed spaces.

This is the text that reflects the new standard

«In sports competitions and events held in open or outdoor sports facilities, in natural spaces or on public roads, no more than 1000 athletes may participate simultaneously.

In sports competitions and events held in closed facilities, no more than 300 athletes may participate simultaneously».

Good news for the world of sport that we hope will be seen more and more in more Autonomous Communities.

Source: Lasprovincias

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