Tips to face the Challenge Madrid

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The Belgian Timothy Van Houtem, current winner of Challenge Madrid, gives us several tips to face the test with guarantees

The next 23 in September celebrates the second edition of the Challenge Madrid, test that will be in turn European Long Distance Championship. Timothy From Houtem winner last year has posted some videos on the Facebook page of Challenge Madrid with some tips for all the participants that we want to share with our readers.

Tips for the swimming segment

Timothy talks about the importance of training in open water to simulate the conditions of competition.

Tips for the cycling segment

The first part of the cycling segment is the hardest, with the ascents to the ports of Canencia, Morcuera and Cotos, it is important not to start too fast and reserve strength

Tips for the walking segment

Each triathlete must focus on their own marathon and it is very important to train nutrition.

Farewell and good wishes

Timothy says goodbye wishing the best to the triathletes for the last workouts and for the day of the competition

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