Tips to face the Challenge Madrid cycling sector

Successfully face the cycling segment in Challenge Madrid: Advice from Jose Almagro

Jose Almagro, Professional Exciclista (2005-2006), being also a recognized duathlete with more than 20 victories at a national level and with a long track record in medium and long distance where he competes from 2001, Jose Almagro This 2017 will be part of the first edition of Challenge Madrid.
Almagro is undoubtedly a benchmark in the Community of Madrid in the cycling world being usual to find him training for the segments where this event will take place.  Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports, as well as a coach, with more than 15 years of experience competing at the highest level, today he gives us some advice to face this test in the cycling segment with maximum guarantees.
"In this travel different from most long distance tests, with two independent boxes and with a bike circuit that includes three ports of great importance such as Canencia, Morcuera and Cotos, the most emblematic of the Sierra de Madrid and for a beautiful environment. This particularity makes the cycling segment very important in this race because we have to know how to conserve the forces very well and the usual performance plans by watts or pulse are not as specific as in flat tests."

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"My advice is that throughout the cycling segment, especially during the ascents always keep a little bit of strength that we are going to need at the end, both in the race on foot and in the last km of the bike, since from Villanueva de la Cañada to Majadahonda with more than 140 km in the legs we are going to find an ascending section that can give us the "punch", apart, by dates, it is likely that in that part of the route it will be windy"
"Another tip to bear in mind is the feeding, we have to take advantage of the three descents of the ports where the pulse is lower to feed us well since during the ascents we have to be very focused on pedaling and performance. In other tests it is normal to set a pattern of feeding each 15 or 20 minutes, here the route marks us a little the pattern of when to eat more food and when not"

"And of course, another factor that we should not forget in this peculiar journey is that in the case of a long distance, It is not worth risking a fall by lowering some port for winning 5 or 10 seconds that will not influence the final result of the race and we will also enjoy the spectacular route offered by Challenge Madrid

Jose Almagro in the cycling sector
On the test itself, José Almagro openly stated:
"When I knew that in 2017 it would be under the Challenge brand, with this incomparable scenario and on a date that is perfect for me, since it gives me the possibility to train it in August coinciding with the holidays, I knew I wanted to be yes or yes on the line of departure".  
"Being from Madrid, it would be a mistake not to participate in the most important long-distance triathlon that is going to be held in our Community. Also knowing the team that is behind the organization I am aware that it will be a great test, with excellent treatment for the triathlete and the support of the Challenge franchise that is synonymous with quality, good treatment, professionalism, services and good organization"
Challenge Madrid will be held next September 24 in the Community of Madrid, having its starting point in the reservoir Buitrago (3.8 km to swim) to then have a cycling segment through the most emblematic ports of the Community of Madrid (180 km of cycling), finishing the race on foot (42 km of running) walking the city with its goal in the emblematic Puerta del Sol, an event without a doubt that this year will celebrate its first edition.
Another innovation is the recent opening of the relay format, which may be represented by 2 or 3 members completing each part of the circuit.
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