Chronicle of Jon Erguin for his second place in the Winter Triathlon European Cup in Oberstaufen

Statements and Chronicle of Jon Erguin, Trigoi TT, 2nd place in the European Winter Triathlon Cup in Oberstaufen

Just landed in Spain and almost without undoing the last suitcases, we have been able to contact Jon Erguin, Spanish Winter Triathlon Champion and 2nd place in a European “I am very happy, for me it is a very important result, both for getting my first medal at the international level and for seeing myself ahead at the head of the race fighting until the end. The race was very tight in the last minute we entered the first 5 at the finish line, a segment in which I got the second best partial, I feel very satisfied with this result "

Jon Erguin has already started the year on the right foot, proclaiming himself the Spanish Winter Triathlon Champion last January in the test held in the Ansó-Candanchú Valley and organized by the Mayencos Triathlon Club. This weekend, he has revalidated his status as a national favorite, achieving a creditable second place on the podium in an international event.

“Not all the stars were there, but there were some. So very good test, and very happy, to have been in front and to get a medal in an international test.

Running, as usual, I didn't feel bad, but we must admit that the pace was very strong and in 15' I lost 1'. I haven't downloaded the GPS yet, to see the rhythm, the suitcases are in the garage, the circuit has been almost all uphill, I saw that in the first kilometer I had an average of 3'10” (after a climb) and already I was behind the first ones, so I forgot about my rhythms and what was mine, but pushing hard, I finally entered the transition to the bike in 11 position, with my mind set on climbing positions.

By bike, by road, I would have preferred mtb, with 4 laps of a circuit with a couple of climbs. From the beginning to the top, I managed to reach the 2nd group and decided to attack on the climb (butt) and I escaped, I finished the lap alone and the second lap the same, in search of reaching the leading group, but those behind worked hard and They approached me, I did not waste strength in valde and let them catch me, but they also saw that by catching me we had gotten close enough to those in front, we continued to press. In the pits I arrived together with the first (there was a 200m section in snow with MTB, which was difficult, in the pits area).

I made a quick transition and started skiing with the favorite, Antonioli (Italian) and we took a few seconds from the rest (vital). I kept glued to Antonioli, fighting to stay there and we passed him to the German making a bit of difference, but he was perfect skiing and my technique failed me, so I took some wrong steps (the pace was very strong, and if you ski well and the other one does not, it shows….), total, he gives me an attack and takes me a few seconds, but I kept fighting, because the other Italian, who on the bike went with me and barely made an effort, and skied very well, I I had it under control of other races and the eve, they did not know me but I did. I saw how he approached me along with the Norwegian and the German, just one lap from reaching the finish line!

Things got complicated, the first one close but I know I don't get it, and the ones behind very close. AGONY. I didn't ski well or anything (sometimes I told myself… concentrate and ski well!) but I was going as best I could to go forward. Fighting I endured, 18" from the first, and the third only 3"!!! ufffffff…. and the German and the Norwegian also less than 1 'from the first.

Very happy. This Saturday the European Championship. I feel motivated. The race on foot is 8km, so I will lose more, but it seems that mountain biking is a real mountain bike circuit, I hope I can take advantage of it, and the last ski segment is a tough circuit, see how we arrived with strength. There is no room for mistakes, I hope not to make them, feel strong and give it my all!

Jon Erguin, Trigoi TT, will go this weekend to the Italian town of Valsesia, to participate in the European Winter Triathlon Championship, where we know that he will fight until the last moment to give the best of himself and get into the first positions to goal.

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