Crown Sport Nutrition awarded at the ESSNA Awards 2023

The Spanish brand received 4 of the 5 awards for which it was nominated at the ESSNA Awards 2023.

Crown SportNutrition, a leading Spanish company in the sports nutrition sector, is proud to announce its recent success in the recognized ESSNA Awards.

Competing with some of the best European brands, Crown Sport Nutrition He has not only demonstrated his excellence but has also put Spain's name at the top of the international stage.

Best Hydration Drink and Best Targeted Product

In an event that stood out for its high competitive level with 25 people on the jury, Crown Sport Nutrition was awarded two prestigious awards:

“Best Hydration Drink” by Isodrink & Energy, and “Best Managed Product” for its innovative Hyper line(1:0,8) reflecting its specialization and leadership in products for endurance sports and high-performance sports

Athletes like Carlos Alcaraz, Athletic Bilbao, Pau Capell and more than 50 Olympians use them daily. These awards are a testament to the company's commitment to science, quality and innovation.

In addition, the brand won awards in the categories of “Best Sports Nutrition Product” by the Hyper line (1:0,8) and, significantly, in “Best Sports Nutrition Brand” underlining Crown Sport Nutrition's position as a benchmark in the industry.

Best Partnership

These successes add to the recognition obtained last year, where the brand was awarded an award in “Best Partnership” for his collaboration with the University of Greenwich.

This distinction underlines the importance of strategic synergies and scientific research in the development of cutting-edge products.

Pol Gieco, director and founder of Crown Sport Nutrition, expressed his gratitude for these achievements: “It has been a continuous learning process since we started doing research at universities until we were awarded at the European level 10 years later.

I want to thank all the athletes, sports nutritionists, doctors, coaches, universities... and all the people who help us every day to be at the forefront of R&D&I.

The Spanish sports nutrition sector is undoubtedly one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in the world, and for this reason we have also been able to achieve great things at the European level.

We are honored by this recognition and committed to continue innovating, bringing value and science to the sports nutrition sector."

As the only Spanish brand awarded at this year's ESSNA Awards, Crown Sport Nutrition consolidates itself as a benchmark not only in Spain but also in the world, demonstrating that science, innovation and commitment are the key to success in nutrition sporty.

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