What is the best day and time to go running in Spain?

Polar has launched its annual study with Polar Flow users

Tuesdays at 19pm is the most popular time to go running in Spain

Polar, has launched its annual summary of Polar Flow users, carried out on a base of 400.000 Spanish athletes where some interesting conclusions have been reached.

What is the average distance most do the Spanish?

Among the most prominent figures in the summary, we note that the middle distance every time he goes for a run is 7,5 km (on the 7,2 km of 2020), that the average time spent in each session is 47 minutes (compared to 46 minutes in 2020) and that the average speed is 10 km / h.

In addition, we also know the average calories consumed in each workout, which amounts to 522 Kcal.

In which month do you train the most?

For months, January was the one with the highest training average (48 minutes) and when more average calories were consumed (541 Kcal); although it was in November when the average distance of each exit was higher (7,9 km) and faster (10,3 km / h).

In turn, October has been the month in which the most running workouts have been done by users on average (6,8 sessions), which has also caused it to be the month with the most average kilometers traveled (53 km).

How many kilometers have runners covered in Spain?

More than 4 million running activities and more than 31 million kms traveled to close a 2021 in top form.

What has been the best playlist to run?

Polar has created a Playlist on Spotify with the 21 best running songs. Listen to it now and put the rhythm of your workouts!



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