How much money does an athlete earn who gets a medal at the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games is one of the most important events to which any athlete can aspire.

Finishing in the first 3 and hanging the Gold, Silver or Bronze medal in addition to the internationally recognized sporting merit also carries a cash prize

These prizes depend on each country and in this article we compile the prizes that a Spanish athlete wins if they get a medal at the Tokyo Games.

It must be taken into account that in the category of couples or teams the prizes are for each component.

Gold Silver Bronze
Individual 94.000 48.000 30.000
Couple 75.000 37.000 25.000
Equipment 50.000 29.000 18.000

These awards are the same as those awarded at the Rio 2016 Games since the COE has decided to keep them.

It is also necessary to take into account that the Treasury will take part of these prizes

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