How long do the PROs take to swim in the Triathlon World Series?

We collect the best times that have been made last season in sprint and Olympic distance races

Being the first in the swimming sector in a test of the level of a WTS, is not easy at all and allows professionals to establish a strategy to try to win the test, which is sometimes achieved.

We compile the best times of the 2018 season

Best swimming time WTS 2018 distance Sprint

Vicent Luis



Jessica Learmonth


Abu Dhabi

Best swimming time WTS 2018 Olympic distance

Henri Schoeman



Jessica Learmonth



Sprint Distance

In the male category, the best swimmer was French Vicent Luis, where he got the best time in the 750 meters with a time of 8: 50 in the WTS of Edmonton.

It was also the first of the sector in the tests of Hamburg and Gold Coast

In the female category, the fastest of the 2018 was the British Jessica Learmonth completing the 750 meters in a time of 09:06 at the WTS in Abu Dhabi. Jessica holds this "title" for the second year in a row, leaving this season as the industry leader four times (Abu Dhabi, Leeds, Hamburg and Montreal)

Olympic Distance

In standard or Olympic distance the fastest was Henri Schoeman, one of the best swimmers on the circuit in recent years, where he completed the 1.500 meter swim in a time of 17:08 at the WTS in Montreal.

Thanks to the great swimming sector, this year he has won the WTS in Abu Dhabi.

In the female category, the British repeats Jessica Learmonth getting a time of 18: 02 in completing the 1.500 meters of the WTS of Leeds where he got the mark.

Photo: ITU

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