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Four medals, three golds and a bronze, for the Paratriarmada in the Lausanne World Cups

Gustavo Rodríguez participates as a guide for Héctor Catalá

The participation of the Paratriarmada put the end to the competitions of the Triathlon World Championships that began on Friday with the junior and sub 23 tests.

The three golds went to Hector Catalá (and his guide Gustavo Rodríguez) and Susana Rodríguez (and her guide Paula Godino) in the PTVI class, and for Daniel Molina in the PTS3 class, being the bronze medal for Alejandro Palomero in the PTS4 class.

But not only were the results of the four medalists remarkable, but the whole delegation played a great role, with two fourth places for the Olympic medalist Jairo Ruíz in the PTS5 class and for Kini Carrasco in PTS3.

Also in fourth place was the Canary Lionel Morales, although he was later disqualified for not having fulfilled a sanction set by the test officials and of which he was not aware during the competition.

In addition, Eva Moral finished in fifth position, improving her result last year in the Gold Coast Final, in the same way as José Luis Gaarcía (and his guide Ángel Salamnca) who also ranked fifth in the PTVI class where Héctor and Gustavo managed gold.

Finally, the Basque triathlete Rakel Mateos was sixth in the PTS2 class, defending that place to the last meters.

All of them achieved a large number of points for the Olympic qualification for Tokyo, and we will see many of them participating next week in the Banyoles World Cup and within 15 days in the European Championship in Valencia, where for sure that will again achieve great successes for our sport

Good participation in age groups

Previously, the Spanish age groups displaced to Laussane ended their participation, with Angel Santamaría achieving his particular double, since after the silver medal achieved in the category of 70 to 74 years in the sprint distance, he got bronze in the standard distance.

The participation of age groups in this World Cup has been a starting point for the program that the Spanish Triathlon Federation has started and has met the expectations of the participants.

We hope that the Lausanne World Cup will be the start of many adventures of the age group Triarmada in the next international events.


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