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Dani Pérez and Alba Reguillo win the Doñana 2019 Challenge

Malaga's Dani Pérez and Alba Reguillo from La Mancha win on a day in which 337 triathletes of both sexes completed the test on a cloudy and somewhat windy day

Today the tenth edition of the Doñana Challenge, where the malagueño Dani Pérez He has won the test,

The test that started at 10:30 with neutralized start has covered 100 kilometers on the bike, they have swum 1.000 meters in the Guadalquivir river and completed the 30 kilometer race on foot along the virgin beach of Doñana.

In the men's category the victory has been for the Malaga player Dani Pérez with a time of 4: 42: 02 followed by Salvador Gil (4: 43: 03) and for Amaury Dehez (4: 44: 58) occupying the third final position. Emilio Martín, winner of the last 3 editions has been sixth

In the female category Alba Reguillo He has won the test with a time of 5: 10: 48. Liliana Ferreira (5: 15: 48) was second followed by Mariola Garcia (5: 26: 09) occupying the third final position.

Alba has achieved her second victory in the test after the one achieved in 2017.

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A total of 370 triathletes took the start that, after the section neutralized by Sanlúcar de Barrameda, hostilities soon broke out on the bike, going up to Trebujena the chiclanero Pablo Sánchez Moreno, along with Ezequiel Hernández and his partner from AD Sevilla José Illanes, and Alfonso Puerta , from the Granada Triathlon.

A very compact group of about 260 triathletes formed a large platoon up to km. 30 race in the vicinity of Jerez.

After another escape attempt by Emilio Martín, Juan Francisco Fernández and Ricardo Sanjuán, a first group of about 200 cyclists was established, including Alba Reguillo and Asturian Laura Álvarez, with a second group of about 80 runners at 1 ″ 19, and a third group of 25 to 2 ″ 30.

At km. 40 there was an attack by the Sevillian Basilio Polvillo, soon neutralized and at km. 47 the escapade of the Portuguese Pedro Nunes, which would take him back to Sanlúcar alone. In the middle of T1 the first woman was Sonia Ortiz followed by Laura Álvarez.

After passing through El Puerto de Santa María, Rota and Chipiona the multi-colored snake lengthened and finally the Portuguese Nunes strengthened his leadership and came first to the change of segment with a little more than 4 minutes of advantage over the peloton, with everything the cast of grouped favorites.

Among the women, Laura Álvarez entered with almost five minutes of advantage over Alba Reguillo - who had a problem with the saddle of her saddle - and the withdrawal of Sonia Ortiz involved in a fall about 20 km had to be regretted. finish and the bike with serious damage that prevented him from continuing.

After a swimming sector in which many participants were dragged by the current towards the sea, they had to recover the deviation of about two hundred meters, running along the shore upriver towards the entrance door to the transition.

Seville's Samer Ali Saad came out of the water first, followed by Juan Luis Moreno, José Javier Elena, Basilio Polvillo and Cristopher Walker. Huelva-born Emilio Martín came out of the swimming segment in 77th place. In women, the best after crossing the river was Alba Reguillo from La Mancha, followed by Portuguese Liliana Ferreira and Laura Álvarez from Gijón.

A light rain accompanied the riders for a while in the third section in which Samer Ali Saad strengthened his advantage in the first kilometers until the middle of T3. Samer Ali Saad maintained differences over the French settled in Barcelona Amaury Dehez and Dani Pérez and a little more behind Lino Barruncho - winner of the test in 2013 - and Ezequiel Hernández fifth. The best women in the km. 15 were Alba Reguillo, Liliana Ferreira, Malaga from Mariola García and Laura Álvarez.

But in the second stage of the race, the Malaga Dani Pérez managed to take the lead and the chiclanero Salvador Gil snuck in second place, with Amaury Dehez third

This leading hat trick held the positions to the finish line. Dani Pérez finished with 4:42:03, Gil with 4:43:55 and Dehez with 4:44:58. Fourth was Ezequiel Hernández (4:46:16), fifth was Lino Barruncho (4:47:21) and sixth was Emilio Martín (4:50:33), while Samer Ali Saad was relegated to eighth place (4:52). : 18), after the Granada-born Modesto Álvarez (4:52:08).

In the female category, the winner was Alba Reguillo (5:10:48). Liliana Ferreira (5:15:23) and Mariola García (5:26:09) completed the podium. Fourth was Laura Álvarez (5:29:59), with the Huelva-born Bonares Cristobalina Martín (6:01:26) as fifth classified and the Sanluqueña Inmaculada Daza (6:07:26) sixth.

The tenth edition of the Doñana Challenge once again had a large audience following the competition. It is a test that attracts many family members of triathletes and creates a special atmosphere and color around the different transitions such as at the finish line on the Malandar beach.

The Doñana 2019 Challenge has been organized by the Andalusian Regional Ministry of Education and Sport, through the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sport in Andalusia, with the technical support of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, and the collaboration of the municipalities of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Trebujena, Jerez, El Puerto de Santa María, Rota and Chipiona and the Doñana Natural Space and the sponsorship of firms such as Vodafone, Infisport, Coca Cola, Cruzcampo Radler, Acquajet and GM Technology, and the collaboration of the Red Cross and the Civil Guard.


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