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To go around the world walking to do it swimming, The Nemo Expedition

The adventure of the Nacho Dean from Malaga has consisted of five voyages

The adventure of the malagueño Nacho Dean has consisted of five crossings. He Strait of Gibraltar (joining Europe with Africa), the crossing Meis-Kas (from Greece to Turkey, Europe to Asia), from Indonesia to Papua New Guinea (Asia with Oceania), the Bering strait (Asia with America) and the Aqaba Strait (Asia with Africa).

Between 2013 and 2016, the world was traveled on foot. Now he has crossed it to swim. A challenge for the conservation of the oceans.

image002-3 Of going around the world walking to do it swimming, The Expedition Nemo News Triathlon
Nacho Dean getting ready to swim

In 2013, Nacho decided that he wanted to go around the world walking. It was, as he explains, "like a dream." And that's how he embarked, in 2013, in what seemed like the adventure of his life: go around the world walking. He did it alone and for no less than three years.

After a little more than a year of pause, the Nemo Expedition, which consisted of give lAround the world to swim, crossing the five continents, which he did more than 3 months ago.

Swimming with crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks ... is another song

In an interview 20 minutes He commented: The hardest of the last challenge was not only the distance (the longest crossing was Papua, with 22 km), also in the short rest between each challenge, in the heat, in the humidity. «And in the marine fauna. Here in Gibraltar you swim and well, there are dolphins, whales.

But there were crocodiles, jellyfish, sharks… it's another song, ”says Nacho, whose face shows the hardness of the challenge, how bad it happened. «The feeling is that at any moment something can leave the sea and bite you. Imagine the feeling of anguish, of tension, wishing to reach the ground as soon as possible.

image001-40 Of going around the world walking to do it swimming, The Expedition Nemo News Triathlon
Nacho Dean to achieve the challenge to swim

In Papua I decided to leave

"In the Papua crossing, it was the only time I considered leaving, it is the most difficult journey I have ever made. It was dust. But then you say I will try to give one more stroke, and another, and then another.

You continue and you get it. Even two team members were thrown with me. Another thing happened. They told me that the border was at 10 kilometers, and when I arrived they told me that 12 more. And 22 swimming costs ».

This time he has taken equipment to record a documentary

«On this occasion I have brought equipment, cameras to record a documentary. When you're alone you miss company, share things. With people you share, it's different, and the grace of life is to share things.

Yes, I was used to traveling alone and you have to learn to reach agreements, "explains Nacho. And that is one of the keys of this Nemo Expedition, the documentary. «They are interested in tragedies, serious things, that a fish bites you«, explains funny. «And what I want is just the opposite, that is fluid and rolled!», Laughs.

image003-1 Of going around the world walking to do it swimming, The Expedition Nemo News Triathlon
Nacho Dean swimming

"Doing this I do not recommend it to anyone, on foot or swimming!

"Doing this I do not recommend it to anyone, on foot or swimming! I do it because I love it, I like adventure, I love to travel, to challenge myself.

I do it to show that we have no limits and also to launch a message of planet conservation«. And there is the key. The great reason why he decided to embark on this new challenge. If he went around the world on foot "to document climate change", on this occasion he did it "to launch a message of conservation of the oceans ».

What it does clarify is that he is not a madman, nor a daredevil. "Safety comes first, even though it sounds weird. I like risk, but controlled, I do not look for death", Explain. "That's why I was in charge of organizing things well, training, planning, covering my back to make it as safe as possible." His family breathes a little more calm.

BIO: Nacho Dean

Malagueño from 38 years studied Advertising and Public Relations. Then he became an Environmental Technician. In his book 'Libre y Salvaje' he tells how his experience was when he traveled around the world. Now, prepare a documentary and another book about his latest experience, the Nemo Expedition.

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