Golden Debut by Javier Gómez Noya in the MD European Championship, Half Challenge Barcelona

A spectacular Javier Gómez Noya He has proclaimed himself the winner of European Middle Distance Triathlon Championship, while at the same time achieving success in Half Challenge Barcelona, in its premiere in the middle distance this Sunday, May 19. The second and third places went to the Danes  Martin Jensen y Jens Toft respectively.



The Galician has remained in the top positions at all times, dominating the competition and reaping the dream debut in Calella "I only have one word, spectacular. At first I tried to dose my strength in a demanding cycling segment that made me try my best, but finding myself very comfortable and seeing that I managed to achieve a sufficient advantage, I decided to enjoy the race on foot and its audience. I am very happy with the result and with the atmosphere and the great organization of this Challenge test


The masculine elite took the exit to the 7: 00 hours in the beach of Calella, in an intense and spectacular day that has been disputed by some dream scenarios by the Catalan locality.


Jens Toft was the first to complete the 1.9 km of swimming, followed by just three seconds by Javier Gómez Noya, with the Russian Yaroshenko in third position.


After the departure of the T1, the Danish Toft has led the initial kilometers of the cycling segment. After him, the Ferrolan started in second position at 13 seconds. Then Yaroshenko and the Italian Alberto Casadei followed in their wake. In the downhill section of the cycling circuit, Gómez Noya has launched an attack and managed to overtake the Danish and take the lead.


From then on, the Spaniard has extended his advantage, to enter the T2 and face the final 21 km of the race on foot comfortably until crossing the finish line in first position. The Galician obtained an advantage of more than six minutes with respect to the second classified Martin Jensen and more than eight minutes with the bronze medal, Jens Toft.


In teams Spain achieved victory, followed by Denmark in second position and Italy in third.


The Danish triathlete Jens Toft knew how to fulfill his promise made in the statements made during the press conference held last Friday, where he assured that he would fight maximum to stay in the head during the cycling segment being in this place, and as expected, where Javier Gómez Noya did not want to give him a break and took this lead from him before reaching the foot race, signing his victory with 6 minutes ahead of the second classified.


On the other hand, Martín Jensen, second classified, and after coming out of an injury that practically did not allow him to compete in 2012, was satisfied with this race “It is a spectacular circuit where I have enjoyed the most and, after coming out of an injury, I I am really satisfied with this title of runner-up in Europe "


The great star of this race, Chris McCormack achieved sixth place in this event “I was traveling looking for a challenge, and I found it. The circuit has been tough, a good training at the beginning of the season, which I have also been able to enjoy alongside Javier Gómez Noya, an incredible man who I can't fault. Noya is good in all segments and all distances, he has great talent and a lot of class. I would feel lucky for him to take over this distance, it has been a pleasure to compete with him, in a city like Calella and with an organization as spectacular as Challenge "

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