Decathlon to sell 'recycled' second-hand bikes

This new service will be called "Decathlon Second Life Marketplace" and will be launched throughout Europe

The cycling and cycling sector has boomed in these pandemic months around the world.

Electric, road, MTB, touring bikes, etc. they are seen every day in cities or roads promoting the use of this means of transport, improving the quality of life of users and promoting a more sustainable environment.

Proof of this is the new step that the Decathlon chain is taking, which has decided to create a second hand bike sales section throughout Europe called Decathlon Second Life Marketplacesaccording to reports cyclingindustry

This new business idea will focus on recycle parts and fix bikes of adults and children so that they can be used again.

«We, as a company, seek to recycle parts whenever possible. If we have a faulty bicycle, it is an option to disassemble it and reuse the parts that work.

For the customer, it is an option to participate in the recycling work and save money. There will be a much greater effort to repair than to replace when possible.

If a bike fails a wheel, an attempt is made to repair it. If this is not possible, another wheel of a bicycle is put on it, which may fail something else and cannot be used, and thus create a supply chain of parts so that once they are repaired and revised, they can be sold to those who do not mind buying a used bicycle. «

 Says Peter Lazarus, Cycling Director at Decathon UK

Decathlon Occasion

In Spain they currently have the service enabled Decathlon Occasion, which is a portal for buying and selling for users and belonging to the second-hand products store

Decathlon will sell "recycled" second-hand bikes ,img_60165b3dc7947
Decathlon Occasion


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