Sports in phase 2 and their schedules

In this article we collect the sports and their schedules that can be done

Since last Monday, May 25, some areas of our country have advanced to Phase 2 of the de-escalation call.

In this article we collect the sports and their schedules that can be done

- Non-professional sport:

  • Outdoor sports shows and activities with limited capacity, in terms similar to cultural and leisure activities.
  • Sports facilities in closed spaces without public (only for sports where there is no contact or the risk of contagion is low).
  • Mobility limited to the municipality, although it is now more flexible: "To be practiced in the municipal area or, failing that, within a maximum distance of five kilometers, including adjacent municipalities, provided they are within the scope of this order and belong to the same territorial unit of reference"

- Professional and federated sport:

  • Basic training in federated non-professional leagues. Total training in professional leagues
  •  Professional sports competition will resume as long as the evolution of the health situation allows it, without public and behind closed doors, although they will be able to access the media for broadcasting.
  • Mobility is allowed throughout my province of residence (or island, or health area in Catalonia, or historical territory in Euskadi).
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Slope / Phase 1 and 2 Federated and non-federated


The recreational pools will open in this phase 2 although they may not exceed a maximum capacity of 30% of the totall and the number of bathers in the pools must be controlled at all times.

From the Ministry of Health they ask that  double the area per person in open spaces and, in the event that they are indoor pools, up to triple the space.

In addition, the Government requires that they be established  shift schedules for users who come to take a bath and will not be able to use the showers in the changing rooms or the water sources.

They also affect the importance of keep the safety distance of at least two meters between person and person that has been established to prevent the spread of the virus.


In this phase 2, transit and stay on the beaches will be allowed always keeping one minimum safety distance of at least two meters, or, failing that, alternative physical protection measures, hand hygiene and respiratory label (mask).

Recommends that groups are maximum of 15 people, except in the case of people living together.

Also, it allows the practice of sports, professional or recreational activities, as long as they can be developed individually and without physical contact, allowing to maintain a minimum distance of two meters between the participants ».


Gyms that wanted to do so and that had the appropriate facilities for it, were able to resume the activity in a minimal way, individually and by appointment in phase 1

Now in phase 2 they will be able toExtend your capacity to more people and with the same rules of social distance: with appointment and 30% of its capacity.

New schedules for sports

They can be made non-professional physical activity at any time, except in the bands from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 19.00 to 20.00, intended for people over 70 years of age.

The autonomous communities and autonomous cities may agree that within their territorial scope these time slots begin up to two hours before and end up to two hours later, not increasing the total duration of the same.

In addition, it can be done group sport of up to 15 people.

Municipalities with up to 10.000 inhabitants

In municipalities with up to 10.000 inhabitants, eliminated the slots, although these have to meet a second condition: they must have a population density of less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer. If so, there will also be no hours to go for a walk.

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