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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Ideal vacations in the Buelna Triathlon discovering Cantabria Infinita

If you are thinking of organizing your summer holidays we offer you the ideal option, the XIII Buelna Valley Triathlon

The 2018 edition of the Valle del Buelna Triathlon the next 18 of August will be played, an ideal option to join your passion for triathlon with summer vacations visiting Cantabria.

August is the month of excellence for holidays in Spain and also the month with the lowest number of triathlons of the season triathletics It usually starts in April and ends at the end of October. In August it is very difficult to find a proof of middle distance in the peninsula ... but there is a triathlon contrasted in the calendar with an organization of the best: The Valle de Buelna Triathlon.

If you like to join your passion for triathlon in an area with a special charm Cantabria Infinite is what you're looking for, in Buelna you'll find a family triathlon, having a spectacular tours and where the companions will be able enjoy the competition from different points, to encourage and see their family or friends while they compete.

El totally full of the Ebro Reservoir that we announced a few days ago confirms that both triathletes and companions can enjoy one of the best swimming in Spain, also carried out in sweet water, without currents, tides or waves. It is expected to be in the town of Yuso between the two bridges so that family and companions can see at all times how the athletes cover the entire swimming sector.  

Subsequently the cyclist segment es very sweet (favorable) because it starts at 800 meters and ends at 100, that is, it has 700 vertical drop ... negative. This segment can also be followed very well by the companions, since they can travel on the highway without going through the road where it competes and see the triathletes at several kilometer points. Finally the Foot race offers the viewer observe up to 5 times to the triathletes going through the goal zone 

Remember also that the organization offers for all participants and companions a camping area with services enabled the 24 hours of the day, free swimming pool and it is also expected to have inflatable castles for children as in other editions.

And as a final culmination ... a great barbecue after the competition for all the attendees.

Remember that registrations are increasing at a very fast rate and if you wait too long You can see the poster hanging of "no tickets" or "full" and run out of place in the Valle de Buelna Triathlon.

More information: http://www.triatlonbuelna.com/

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