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Ecotrimad takes out a discount for families of triathletes

The organization has created “Ecotrimad Family”, a promotion of 15% discount for families who register for one of the 5 tests organized during the weekend of June 16 and 17

The organization Ecotrimad, which celebrates its 2018 edition at 8, promotes the family character of Triathlon. In this sense, will reduce an 15% the prices of the inscriptions of all those families that sign up for one of the 5 tests that take place during the 16 and 17 weekend in June. Families must be formed by, at least, the father, the mother and a child.

The discount will be applied on the prices of each of the 5 tests that will be held during the weekend: On Saturday the Middle Distance competition and Olympic triathlon without drafting. On Sunday the test will be organized in Sprint distance and Madrid Olympic Triathlon Championship with Drafting, as well as, the Grand Final of the Madrid Triathlon School Circuit, "Ecotrikids".

? 35 € Discount Ecotrimad MD

The registration to "Ecotrimad Family" can be done directly on the website of Ecotrimad. For those families that want to benefit from the discounts and have one of their members already registered, they can contact the organization through the following email: joaquin@tactika.es


The June 16 will take place at medium distance competition, which will be the Campeonato de Madrid  of the modality, the test of relays and Olympic triathlon without drafting, which was so successful in 2016 and 2017, both in the Open and Federated categories.

More information: www.ecotrimad.com

Photo: @edecast

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