The VIII Duathlon of Seville opens inscriptions

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The most popular duathlon in Spain and has a maximum quota of 700 participants

Today, January 4, the inscriptions of the first scoring test of the Andalusian duathlon circuit and the tests of Europa FM circuit 2018 by OFSPORT, one of the most spectacular of the Andalusian calendar and as we precede, the most popular duathlon in Spain, because the percentage of non-federated participants exceeds all national tests.

In addition, a competition that for its route, climatology and distance always brings together the best duathletes of Andalusia and that gives the great chance that they are the best in Spain. All this, in contrast to the most popular duathlon in Spain, makes this event so unique: to bring together the best in Spain, and a lot of popular.

Under sprint distance, the duatletes will be presented to run a first segment of 5km with two laps to the Parque del Alamillo, to then ride the bike to pedal during 20km with a spectacular circuit by the Isla de la Cartuja, Avenida de Carlos III and Muro of Defense, thus emphasizing safety to the cyclist, and ending with 2,5km of running. This circuit was an absolute success both in the previous edition of the Duathlon of Seville and Seville Triathlon and there have been many requests from competitors to maintain it, and we have done so.

To make it more bearable and for those who do not even dare to do everything, they can do it under the relay format. And what is this? It consists of two people, where one performs the career segments on foot and the other the bicycle, being able to form both male and female teams.

And finally, for those who go further we have the format of Duathlon of Equality, What is it? It consists of a man and a woman who have to go together from the start to the finish, with a maximum separation of 10m. It is a duathlon in pairs, so you can help each other and encourage 100% !!

We hope to see you next 11 of February in the Parque del Alamillo, since the duathlon party has already arrived, being the prelude to the Seville Triathlon of the next 29 in April.

Information and registration:

Poster Duathlon Sevilla 2018

The Duathlon of Seville is organized by OF SPORT, in coordination with the Municipal Sports Institute of the Seville City Council and the Andalusian Triathlon Federation.

With the great support of Europa FM, Nutrisport, Parque del Alamillo and Coca Cola.

Photo: Promero

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