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The Bilbao Triathlon modifies its route by bike

After a year of inflection, the eighth edition of the Bilbao Triathlon returns with more strength than ever and with many new features to attract thousands of triathletes back to the capital of Bizkaia.

The most important novelty is that the organization of the event, after listen to the requests of the triathletes to  lower the level of demand for the bike ride and study the different proposals, have decided to invest the tour by bike presented for this edition of this 2019.

The main change is the new circuit, with unprecedented ascents, but in which the change of direction of the route stands out. If in previous editions it was going up from Bilbao to the port of El Vivero, in this edition it will be the other way around. We are looking for a new ascent of the mythical port through which La Vuelta a España has passed, and to make the subsequent descent, in order to obtain the appropriate conditions for these caterers and to reduce demand by not having to face the large percentages of unevenness in some sections.

From Innevento Sports, organizers of the Bilbao Triathlon they confirm that security is still guaranteed since the new route has the OK from the security forces responsible for ensuring the good course of the race. The biggest problem to make change existed in the passage through the center of the city but finally it will be able to be made after reaching an agreement with the Municipal Police of Bilbao.

Regarding the other modifications, the Bilbao Triahlon changes dated this year, being the 5 of October the day chosen for the dispute of the test. One more year will have the double test in Olympic distance In addition to the usual middle distance.

After the summer months, the water of the estuary will be 4ºC hotter than on the usual mid / late May date. The weather also improves in the first week of October with a history that indicates that in 3 of each 4 days the 18ºC are exceeded, which makes this ideal for the practice of triathlon.

Regarding the rest of the news, the following points stand out:

Change of boxes

In this edition, the boxes will be located at the Ramón de La Sota quay, next to the Bilbao Maritime Museum. It will be a unique box for the convenience of the participants and spectators who attend to see the event.

Swimming sector

image002-3 The Bilbao Triathlon modifies its bike ride News Triathlon
Swimming industry Bilbao Triathlon 2019

The swimming sector rediscovers once again the "new Bilbao" with an online tour of the newly opened Zorrozaurre canal.

As it does 8 years ago, the Bilbao Triathlon reopens a new sports leisure space in the city.

Cycling circuit

image004-1 The Bilbao Triathlon modifies its bike ride News Triathlon
Cycling industry Bilbao Triathlon 2019


The bike circuit also presents novelties, although it maintains its main hallmarks. It will be a route of 86 km, where the mythical port of El Vivero will continue to be present. The Drafting will not be allowed

Race on foot

image003-2 The Bilbao Triathlon modifies its bike ride News Triathlon
Walking sector Bilbao Triathlon 2019


The walking circuit of 21 km in 3 turns will continue in the vicinity of the promenade along the estuary, passing through the most emblematic enclaves of Bilbao to reach the goal that will be placed in the center of the city.

The registration process is now open on their website Here you can find all the available information, the routes, the tracks and the prices of the inscription.

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