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The LD 2020 Triathlon World Championship will be held over distance «IRONMAN»

It has been forced by the technical difficulties of the circuit in Almere

The ITU Executive Board has approved that the ITU 2020 Long Distance Triathlon World Championship, to be held next year in Almere, dispute over on the 3,8 km swimming format, 180 km cycling and 42,2 km running race.

They have been forced to do so because of the difficulty of the circuit

ITU is doing an exception in this test, because instead of using the regular distance (3-120-30) of the last three editions of the World Championship, it has been forced by the technical difficulties of the circuit in Almere for athletes to compete on the distance popularly called "IRONMAN"

The ITU Operations team has reviewed in Almere all possible scenarios for ensure fair and safe competition for participants and has decided to transform the test and compete over the distance of 3,8km-180km-42,2km.

In 2021 you will return to the standard format

The edition in 2021 will return to the usual ITU long distance format: 3 km of swimming, 120 km of cycle and 30 km of race in the test to be held in Astralia

The LD test, the finishing touch for the Multisport World Championship

The World Long Distance Championship will be the test that will put the finishing touch to the Multisport World Championship that will take place between the 4 and the 13 September of 2020 in Almere-Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

It will be the fourth edition of this format, which has been organized in Penticton (Canada); Fyn (Denmark) and Pontevedra (Spain) the previous years, and will move to Townville, Australia, in 2021

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