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The Triathlon Provincial Circuit beats record of participation in Pálmaces, Pareja and Guadalajara

Next Saturday, 25 day, the V edition of the Couple Triathlon will be held, scoring test for the 2012 regional championship and that, together with the triathlons of Pálmaces de Jadraque and Guadalajara, constitutes the IV Provincial Circuit of that sport modality that counts with the sponsorship of the Diputación de Guadalajara.

The Deputy delegate of Sports, Javier del Río, has reported this morning at a press conference with the mayor of Pálmaces, the Sports Councilor of Guadalajara, Eladio Freijo, and representatives of the Guadalajara Triathlon Club for the development of the IV Provincial Triathlon Circuit It is assuming a great success of participation in its three tests.

As Javier del Río has pointed out, the Provincial Council "firmly commits to this sport due to the great effort that the athletes themselves, the Guadalajara Triathlon Club and the three municipalities are developing in its promotion in favor of a very tough, competitive sport specialty, and which is growing in the province and in Spain, as has been reflected in the Olympic Games”. Del Río, who also pointed out that this Provincial Circuit is an important support for the sports and tourism development of the towns and the province, thanked the town councils and all the collaborators for their efforts year after year in the success of these sporting events and traditional in Guadalajara.

The mayor of Pálmaces de Jadraque, Modesto Llorente, a town that last 21 in July celebrated its XIX Triathlon with 245 participants, has highlighted that it is a festive and unique event for the town and has shown its willingness, together with the Cultural Association of the people to work to enable a greater number of participants, since this year has not been able to admit all sports interested in infrastructure difficulties in the town.

Eladio Freijo, Sports Councilor of Guadalajara, recalled that the Triathlon Guadalajara, which will celebrate the 1 day of September its XXVII edition was the first to be held in Spain and is a benchmark in the sporting calendar of Spain thanks to the effort of the Triathlon Club Guadalajara, "true architect of the success of this test."

The IV Triathlon Provincial Circuit, which includes the Pálmaces, Pareja and Guadalajara events, is sponsored by the Provincial Council and the respective city councils, as well as cultural associations and dozens of volunteers, events that host a large number of participating athletes and athletes. of the general public.

According to Raúl Rodríguez and Ricardo Valero, from the Guadalajara Triathlon Club and responsible, respectively, for the tests of Pareja and the capital, this year has continued to increase the participation of athletes. In the Saturday test in Pareja there will be more than 290 athletes, with an increase of 11 percent with respect to last year. In Guadalajara, more than 330 triathletes have already confirmed their attendance to date, which is a record of participation.


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