The IOC is given 3 months to decide what to do in the Tokyo Olympics for CoronaVirus

They will only be disputed if health security can be guaranteed one hundred percent

According to Europsport, the oldest member of the IOC,  Dick Pound  said that at this time the postponement or cancellation of the JJ. OO It is not in the plans.

Pound summoned journalists to keep calm and not create alarm, ensuring that the coronavirus situation is being monitored and there is a margin of up to three months to make a drastic decision that can affect the Games.

Keep calm, but don't rule out a drastic decision

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pound spoke candidly about the coronavirus situation and its possible influence on the Olympics,  calling for calm in the present moment, although without ruling out a drastic decision,

If it were to take place in no case would it be taken immediately, but in a period of between two and three months if the progress of the epidemic continues to expand without brake.

"As far as we know, we'll be in Tokyo. All indicators at the moment say that there is nothing new on the front, so continue to focus on your sports and be sure that the IOC is not going to send you into a pandemic situation."He told journalist Stephen Wade in the interview that took place in the Japanese capital.

2-3 months to analyze the situation

In the event that the advance of the coronavirus continues out of control and the worst omens of the WHO come true, which would imply the establishment of a global pandemic, Dick Pound establishes a margin of between two and three months to analyze the situation: “We could be gone for two months if we had to.”

Asked about a possible postponement or cancellation of the Olympic event due to the coronavirus, he hinted that the disease would have to continue to expand at a very high rate and sustained over time so that it is an option to put on the table: “Many things have to start happening.

"It's a big, big, big decision and you can't make it until you have reliable data to go by."

Pound made these statements highlighting how exceptional a cancellation of the Olympic event would be: “It is a great, great, great decision and cannot be taken until you have reliable data to rely on".

Pound also noted that the advice the IOC is receiving by health authorities "do not require cancellation or postponement of the Games.

There is no more postponement of the size and size of the Games. There are many actors involved, many countries and seasons, competitive and television. You cannot simply say that they will be done in Octubreh," he mused.

It is ruled out to transfer the games to a new city

Dick Pound also ruled out the option of transferring the JJs. oo. to a new city - "changing places is difficult because there are few places in the world that can consider preparing facilities in such a short time to present something"-

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