The Triathlon Day in Extremadura will be the 2 of July in Merida with the participation of great triathletes of the region

Triathlon Day in Extremadura will be held on July 2 in Mérida, a sporting event for which the participation of great triathletes from the autonomous community is expected.

Thus, there are a few days left until the registration period for this "great party" of Extremadura triathlon ends, the organization points out in a press release.

Triathlon Day in Extremadura hopes to host many popular participants, in its different tests, which are the II Sprint Triathlon Ciudad de Mérida, starting at 17,30:19,45 p.m.; 'My first Triathlon', at 20,00:XNUMX p.m.; and the 'Women's Triathlon', at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.

The organization encourages new practitioners to participate in 'My first Triathlon' or in the 'Women's Triathlon', with “very affordable” distances, of 300 meters swimming plus 8 kilometers by bike and 2 kilometers running, “within reach of Anyone".

You can get more information about the tests and participation registrations on the web

Source: europapress

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