The Fasttriatlon arrives for the first time to Spain: 20 of May in the Olympic Channel of Castelldefels (Barcelona)

On May 20, 2012, the first edition of the Fasttriathlon will be held at the Castelldefels Olympic Channel (Barcelona). Along with the SuperSprint, the Fasttriathlon is the fastest and most explosive modality of the triathlon and during the event 4 different tests will be held on the same circuit that was born with the aim of becoming a sports festival for all audiences, ages, levels and categories . Recuperation Sport, the energy drink for athletes, will be present at this popular competition. Registration is now open.

The Fasttriatlon event arrives in Spain for the first time and due to its philosophy and characteristics it is positioned as one of the star events in the triathlon calendar. With a route of 300 m. of swimming, 8 km by bicycle and 2 km of running for the super sprint triathlon and another of 750 m. of swimming, 20km of bicycle and 5km of running for the sprint triathlon, it is intended to bring the triathlon to all audiences, ages and categories offering the opportunity to practice this sport not only to federated and elite athletes but also to amateur athletes .

The Fasttriatlon consists of 4 different tests on the same circuit. A sports festival for all levels and categories where elite athletes and popular triathletes will meet and compete in the same competition format.

The tests in the Fasttriatlon

– Sprint Triathlon: Sprint distance triathlon (0,75km-20km-5km). Male and female classification. The registration price is €33 for non-federated members and €29 for federated members. To also encourage the participation of triathletes in the cadet and junior categories, these athletes may register for €7 for non-federated members and €3 for federated members.

– Super Sprint Triathlon: Super Sprint distance triathlon (0,3km-8km-2km). Male and female classification. Registration at €29 for non-federated members and €25 for federated members. This mixed relay modality (2 women and 1 man) will be exhibited at the Olympic Games in London 2012 and could become official in 2016.

– Paratriathlon: Competition for disabled triathletes (paratriathletes), will be held on the same circuit as the other modalities. Classification for all categories. The registration price will be €1 for federated members and €5 for non-federated members.

– Cadet and Junior National Series: Category for participants between 14 and 18 years old and included in the Super Sprint distance. Male and Female Classification for both categories (Cadet and Junior).

There will be special discounts for members of the Fasttriathlon club.

The most popular triathlon

Fasttriathlon is born based on three basic pillars that are part of its route path. It is intended to promote women's sport with a test where men and women compete on the same team. A second objective is to bring triathlon closer to athletes with disabilities with tests adapted to them. And thirdly, to popularize this sport, that is, to bring it closer to everyone and that elite athletes, those who are starting in triathlon, their families and friends can enjoy it together.

On Saturday, May 19, the doors of the Olympic Channel will open to enjoy a space where there will be stands of brands related to the world of triathlon, bleachers, area for recreational activities of spinning and running, boxes, changing rooms, physiotherapy area, … In short, many activities to cover the great event of triathletes. On Sunday 20 it will be the turn of the competitions.

Recuperation Sport with Albert Parreño and the Fasttriatlon triathletes

The energy drink for athletes will be present at this event offering products to attendees and supporting one of its ambassadors and organizer of the competition, Albert Parreño. This young triathlete who is achieving good results at the international level was the Spanish Triathlon and Aquathlon champion in the Cadet category in 2003 in Valencia and in Pulpí and he achieved third position in the sub-23 category in the Spanish Elite Championship in Pulpí 2010 Parreño has recently participated in the Pontevedra Triathlon Europe (26/06/11) and the European Cup triathlon in Banyoles (31/07/11) where he was ranked 37

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