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This weekend, at the facilities of the CSD in Madrid, the “Taking Time 2012” organized by the Madrid Triathlon Federation within the PNTD, National Program for Sports Technification, of the Spanish Triathlon Federation (FETRI) took place.

A total of 39 athletes, the majority belonging to the Community of Madrid, have participated in this timing.

The objective of this evaluation is to take data from the times made by the young promises of triathlon on the distances of 100 and 1000 meters of swimming and 400 and 1000 meters of running, to then evaluate them under the criteria of the Technical Directorate and publish the selection of triathletes who will take part in the Madrid Technification Program during 2012.


In the Female category, it is worth highlighting Judit Saizar's performance in the running tests, which has been imposed with a clear difference in both distances, 400 meters and 1000 meters. This young triathlete from the Saltoki Trikideak club, already represented our country during 2011 as part of the Spanish Triathlon Team.

In the swimming segment Paula Hernández, El Cid Triathlon Club, has prevailed in the two distances over which the test has been carried out, 100 and 1000 free meters, where the performance of Ester Martín Flores and Cecilia Santamaría in category Cadet, both also belonging to the El Cid Triathlon Club and who have stood out with their marks in both disciplines.

In the Men's category and on the running test, Luis Gutiérrez Valle of the Trialandalus Club has imposed himself with clear authority in the 1000 meters, achieving an advantage of 8 seconds over the second classified. In the swimming tests, Carlos Calisteo has dominated the test achieving excellent marks in both distances.

This weekend has been demonstrated, once again, the great love that exists in our country for this sport, the triathlon. Highlight the great representation of different Madrid Clubs that attended the CAR facilities during the day on Saturday to participate in the Time Taking of the Technification Program of the Madrid Triathlon Federation, without forgetting the excellent results obtained in the different tests by the young triathletes in the cadet category hoping to represent Spain in the not too distant future.

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