The ICAN Marbella 2012 is forced to modify the cycling circuit

A little less than a month ago, ICAN received from the new management responsible for the AP-7 Cintra (Ferrovial) the surprising refusal to authorize the passage of triathletes in the cycling sector, something that, as everyone remembers, yes they did last year and what they had promised to repeat in this edition.

Faced with this change of opinion and the closure of the highway managers, communicated to the organization just one month in advance and which even put on the air the very realization of ICAN Marbella 2012, a quick alternative had to be found. And thanks to the effort and inestimable collaboration of the Marbella City Council, Ojen City Council, Ministry of Development, DGT and Andalusian Triathlon Federation, those responsible for ICAN Triathlon have found an alternative that maintains the sports levels required by the test and also the premise primary care for the safety and integrity of all participants.

This collaboration has allowed the organizers to offer an interesting circuit, and even more attractive. This route will take the triathletes to the Port of Ojén, 561 meters above sea level, and which will force them to cross Marbella along the Bulevar del Príncipe Alfonso von Hohenlohen, Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Avenida Ramón y Cajal, Avenida Severo Ochoa and the highway A- 355 towards Ojén.

Participants in the Half ICAN will have to do two laps of this route, while those triathletes who take part in the ICAN 62 must only do one complete turn. A somewhat more demanding route than the previous one but with enormous sporting and scenic interest.

ICAN, together with all the institutions involved, is aware of the enormous enthusiasm with which triathletes plan and prepare an event. That is why in record time, and considering suspension as the last option, he has achieved this new circuit that he trusts will be to the liking of all participants. Not surprisingly, the ICAN motto is to do everything “by and for the triathlete”, but it also wants to make it very clear that it does not understand the unreason of those who ignore and allow themselves to play with all the illusions of the participants, institutions and organization.

And despite the fact that the circumstances that have forced this change are totally foreign to the organization, and totally incomprehensible to ICAN, it is aware of the discomfort that this change may cause in some of the participants, therefore, all those who consider that the new route does not meet sporting expectations, the organization undertakes to return the registration fee to all those who wish to unsubscribe from the test.

Finally, ICAN wants to thank the involvement and commitment of the Marbella City Council, especially its Department of Sports, the Andalusian Government, the Ojén City Council, the Malaga DGT, the Civil Guard and the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, who have collaborated at all times to be able to hold a test of sports tourism in Marbella, and that will mean more than 2 million euros of economic impact on the city itself.

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