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The incombustible Martin Fiz pulverizes the record of Spain of marathon for majors of 55 years

He has achieved it in the Paris marathon

Alava veteran athlete Martín Fiz it never ceases to amaze us. He has participated in the Paris Marathon this Sunday where has beaten in almost 5 minutes the record of Spain in the modality for over 55 years

You have achieved a Chrono of 2: 27: 45 improving the previous mark of 2:32:26 achieved in 1992 by Manuel Rosales.

This year they have participated in the 43rd edition of the marathon of Paris more than 50.000 runners, where victory has been for the Ethiopian Abrha Milaw with a time of 2:07:04 while in the female category the victory was for the also Ethiopian Gelete Burka with 2: 22: 48.

Martin Fiz, continues to cheer the fans, since in addition to having won the "Six Majors" as a veteran, he continues to "war" achieving record marks as in 5, 10k or half marathon


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