The solidarity challenge by Aitana, do the Challenge Madrid to raise funds for your disease

Aitana suffers Angelman syndrome, a rare disease that affects the nervous system

The next September 22 will be played on Challenge Madrid, a test that this year is breaking all records.

In addition to the professionals and the hundreds of triathletes who participated in their own challenge Damián Aragón has contacted us to tell us his.

He will participate in the test for a very special reason, his Aitana girl of 5 years old.

Angelman's syndrome

Aitana suffers Angelman Syndrome, a rare disease that affects the nervous system. This is characterized by severe mental retardation, motor retardation, epilepsy, absence of speech, ataxia, lack of balance, insomnia ... among others.

It is a disease that has no cure and the only thing that makes you improve your day to day and your quality of life are therapies.

Aitana goes weekly to various therapies, such as physiotherapy, rehabilitation, sensory stimulation, hydrotherapy, equine therapy and speech therapy.

Your new challenge the Challenge Madrid

That is why his father and two friends Ezequiel Garzón and Pedro Moreno, are going to perform the  Challenge Madrid in the Full Relay distance, to give visibility to the disease and at the same time raise funds for research.

Damian organizes various activities for this cause, such as the crossing to swim or a cyclist tour with the name "walking with Aitana"

In their last challenge, the Transpyr Gran Raid MTB by Tressis raised close to 1.400 € that they gave to the fun FAST - Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics

You can find more information about the challenge on their website

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