The podium simulator for the Edmonton Grand Final

Today the Grand Final of the World Series Triathlon in Edmonton where the new triathlon world champions will meet.

In the female category Flora Duffy It is the great favorite and in the male we will see a duel between Kristian blummenfet y Alex Yee that arrive with few points of difference to the final.

World Triathlon has published the simulator for us to do the simulations of how triathletes would have to look to be world champion

Female test simulator

For Flora Duffy to be World Champion, it is worth finishing in the top 9 of the race as long as Taylor Spivey wins, the second in the ranking

Male test simulator

In the case of the boys, if Alex wins, he will take the title, if Kristian wins, the Norwegian will.

In the event that someone else like Van Riel wins, for Blummenflet to be the champion he must always be ahead of the British Yee.

These simulations are valid as long as they do not have a bad performance, fall, etc. That will make other athletes enter the battle for the medals.

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