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The Lionel Sanders swimming test in kona

You are testing, taking data that will help you be 100% on the day of the competition

The Canadian triathlete Lionel Sanders, is in kona, preparing consciously his next participation in the test.

This 2020 wants to be ready in Kona

After its bad results in recent years (in 2019 it was 22nd, in 2018 29th and 2017 2nd) it has moved to the island along with its coach David Tilbury to do "on" the field a series of tests, which will give data on how to acclimatize and compete in the best conditions The day of the test.

The swimming test

Sanders already has the results of his first test, the 3,8 km of swimming. As usual, he has uploaded a video on his social networks to tell us.

It highlights the data that comments on the loss of liquids in this segment, almost 1 kg has lost in the 3.800 meters.

image002-3 Lionel Sanders swimming test in kona Triathlon News

Do not miss the second shot of the video Dissecting Kona: The Swim, where he tells us in first person


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