Triathlete Jon Karro tries to "motivate" diabetics in a documentary

The triathlete Jon Karro, the first European diabetic athlete to drop below ten hours in an 'Ironman', has starred in a documentary in which he tries to "motivate and show" people with diabetes that "they can continue doing sports, even high level".

This has been stressed by Karro himself in the presentation of that twelve-minute short film entitled "By and for DT1" which has been directed by Ander Shinova and which will be premiered next Thursday at the Casa de la Cultura in the Biscayan town of Abadiño .

In addition to showing the experience of Karro, member of the 'Orbea-DT 1' triathlon team, the documentary collects testimonies from other athletes such as the Euskaltel Euskadi runner Rubén Pérez or the triathlete, recent winner of the Arizona Ironman, Eneko


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