Emilio Martín recaptures the Spanish Duathlon Championship

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The current world runner-up Emilio Martín has expired in the cto. From Spain of Duathlon held in the Castellón city of La Vall d´Uixó, regaining the national title after missing the 2016 event. The silver medal went to Marcos Yanis and the bronze to Jesús Gomar 

The race began punctually at 12:00 and from the first meters Jesús Gomar and Emilio Martín began to pull in the lead. During the first kilometers the group remained compact, without breakaways but very tight. As the second round passed, four duathletes escaped and reached T1 together with 15” Jesús Gomar, Emilio Martín, Eliseo Martín and Kartich Moussa.

Emilio Martín was the fastest in T1, he got on the bike in first position and without looking back he started off strong. Immediately the 4 leading ones joined and began to take over but they were hunted by the large group. Around km 5 on the first slope, Emilio Martín attacked and left alone, escaping to T2 with a 30” advantage over the rest and with the race practically in his pocket.

The race on foot was going to decide the rest of the medals, one of the favorites Eliseo Martín had to retire as soon as he started running. Finally Gold for Emilio Martín with a time of 54: 23, second in a tight sprint has been the Saltoki triathlete Marcos Yaniz and the bronze medal for Jesús Gomar. Fourth was Sergio Lorenzo, fifth Karich Moussa and sixth Luis Miguel Martín Berlanas

Men's Podium Championships Spain Duathlon

Classification Championship Spain Duatlon 2017

Name Time
Emilio Martín 0:54:23
Marcos Yaniz 0:55:07
Jesus Gomar 0:55:08
Sergio Lorenzo 0:55:09
Karich Moussa 0:55:10
Luis Miguel Martin Berlanas 0:55:12
Cristobal Guillen 0:55:14
Daniel Bayón 0:55:16
Sergio Fernandez 0:55:19
Julio del Val 0:55:22


Sara Bonilla has been proclaimed Champion of Spain in the women's event. 

Photos @triatlonnoticia

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