Eneko Llanos, 3º on the list for the Ironman of Hawaii

triathlete Eneko Llanos has entered the qualifying list for the Hawaiian Ironman led by former LD ITU world champion Tim O'Donell followed by Raynard Tissink.

The man from Vitoria took third place on that prized list thanks to his 7th place at Kona 2011 and victory in the most important Ironman of the year so far, the one in Texas, where he achieved the highest score with 4000 points.

Thus, Llanos you can confidently face your preparation for the Ironman of Hawaii where you are more than likely to get a good ranking.

Thus, the Top5 of the list is completed by Luke Bell, with 70.3 as the main argument, and Timo Bracht with the two Ironman of 2011 among which is the one from Lanzarote. Together with all of them, the starting line of the World Cup will close in 50th place although it could be expanded in some more position since of the top 50 classified it is likely that some will not go to Kona

Source: www.bhbikes.com

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