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Eneko Llanos fourth and Ruth Brito wins in the Vertical Total Famara, 5 km with 600 meters of positive slope

Ruth Brito has won the victory in the women's event and Eneko is preparing the IM Kona

A spectacular full moon did not want to miss his appointment with the Renault Vertical Famara Total, illuminating the passage of the corridors along the traditional way of the caleteros. The town of Caleta de Famara on Wednesday night became the epicenter of the trail, with the celebration of a unique sporting event and a unique natural site.

Leon Martín Drajer y Ruth Brito They met the predictions, taking the victory at the finish line and adding their second win in this event organized by the Department of Sports of the City of Teguise.

The test had a route of 5 km with more than 600 meters of accumulated slope

Leon Martín Drajer, winner of the first and second edition last year despite suffering an ankle sprain, met the forecasts and was the fastest to complete the journey of the Renault Vertical Famara Total.

The winner used a time of 34 minutes and 50 seconds. It was two minutes and 15 second to Esteban García (37: 05) who qualified in the second position. And the podium was completed with the third place of Austrian David Denifl (37: 13).

Eneko Llanos, who was participating for the first time in this test was fourth arriving with a time of 37: 40 more than 3 minutes from the winner.

In social networks Eneko commented:

“Good heat last night, my first vertical @famara_total 5,6K + 565m. 4 ° final place to more than 3 ′ of the machine @leondrajer.

The twins on fire, the lumbar protesting, a series on a very long slope, a good workout and a fun time. To repeat.

#roadtokona #specificPalani 🤙🏻 "

Rut Brito gave no choice and got the victory

In the female category the big favorite did not give options to the rest of the participants. The Lanzarote-born Rut Brito, currently based in Victoria - Gasteiz, revalidated the victory achieved in the last edition and crossed the finish line as a winner with a time of 43 minutes and 44 seconds.

The women's podium was completed with the second place of the Gran Canaria Maria José Guillén (45: 29) and Laura Jane Mulcahy (48: 43) climbed to third place.

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