Eneko Llanos wins the Texas Ironman

Eneko Llanos He has won the Ironman of Texas, a long-distance triathlon held on Saturday in the capital of the US state of the same name. The triathlete from Vitoria covered the course, 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km. of cycling and 42,2 km. of running on foot in a time of 8:08:20 ”, followed by North American Tim O'Donnell (8:09:50”) and Australian Luke Bell (8:12:22 ”).

The BH sponsored triathlete had a great run and was very satisfied with his performance. "I have finished very happy”, Relates the Alava on his website. "Since swimming helleva the race well on track, the pace has seemed high, without moments to be able to relax. At the end of the swimming section, I have advanced a few places, and I have left well placed to face the first kilometers of bike”Explains Eneko.

Already on his BH Aero the triathlete was able to check the speed of the Texan circuit, accentuated by the wind blowing in favor. However, the pace imposed on this section was not very intense, which left him room to try his luck. "I tried to make a hole a couple of times without success," he says.

In the final part of the course Eneko was able to escape with Luke Bell to take a short six-minute distance, at the start of the foot race, over Chris Lieto. “On the legs I was doing quite well and seeing that Luke faltered a bit I pushed forward alone. Very close behind came Tim O'Donell, who has gotten very close, so I have increased the rhythm a little point and little by little I have been taking seconds to finally be around the minute, "he says.

The triathlete sponsored by BH thus inaugurates his list of victories of the season in this discipline, which adds to the successes achieved in the Marbella Half Ironman and in the Spanish Winter Triathlon Championship.

source: bikezona

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