eneko Llanos "I would not like triathlon to disappear from Vitoria after the World Cup"

Vitoria will host the Long Distance Triathlon World Championship at the end of July. The best specialists will go to the capital of Alava to contest a test that will bring them money and recognition.

Among the handful of favorites is Eneko Llanos, who, along with his brother Hektor, has become the main person responsible for the fact that this demanding sport has gained numerous followers in the city in recent years. In the opinion of both, the celebration of the World Cup will contribute to giving Vitoria a prestige that should be maintained in later years.

"I would not like the triathlon to disappear from Vitoria after the World Cup," says Eneko in an interview with his brother on the championship's official website (www.triatlonvitoria.com). "Once this city is placed on the map, it is important that there is still a benchmark, that there is continuity." His brother Hektor supports the idea without reservation. «It would be a way to establish a career in Vitoria and give it a future. A good excuse for people to come to the city and also promote tourism.

Los Llanos' proposal that the capital of Alava enters an international triathlon racing calendar is not an isolated initiative. The organizers of the World Cup suspect such a possibility, although it is still too early for the initiative to be substantiated in something concrete.

In any case, July 29 will be a big day for Vitoria and also for Eneko, who is preparing the appointment thoroughly. «I want to give the best of myself. If I have a good career I can be first, second or tenth. I am prepared for what has to come. As an athlete you assume that you cannot always win. Hektor defends his brother's position to the death, how could it be otherwise. “If Eneko doesn't win or isn't in the top three, it's not a failure.

We are very well used to it, but we must assume that the best are in a World Cup, that the average level is very high and that on a good day anyone can win. Winning or losing is part of the sport.

"Protect me from euphoria"

The dispute of the race in your city contains advantages and disadvantages for Eneko Llanos. Know the route, you should not travel to the other end of the world to adapt to schedules or meals and you will feel the support of the people. But, on the other side of the scale, he finds the pressure and responsibility to do well with his people. «I try to protect myself a little from so much euphoria. My goal is to win, but no one thinks it will be easy. It is a high-level competition and the demand will be great. I try to handle that pressure well and I appreciate the confidence of the people because that also motivates me.

Hektor feels "some regret" that he will not be able to contest the elite category. However, he is happy that it is being held in Vitoria "by the people who organize it, who have been around for many years."

Source: elcorreo.com


Eneko and Hektor Llanos assure that the capital of Alava has made a place for itself in the world of triathlon, but they advocate maintaining that level in the future

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