• Lanzarote cycling tour
  • Lanzarote cycling tour

We interviewed Eneko Llanos five times top 7 in Ironman World

We asked about your participation in Kona and your preparation for the 2016



Hello Eneko, good afternoon. First congratulate you for your great season, very regular being top8 in all the top level competitions you've done (Dubai, South Africa, Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Lanzarote and Kona)

- After the IM of Hawaii, how are you? How have the subsequent weeks gone?

I am very well, I have taken a good rest which in previous years I had not done because I had competed in another Ironman after Hawaii. This year I decided to finish the season after Kona so I could take the fall calmly.

- One of the images that impresses me most is to see a group of 10-12 triathletes (respecting the drafting) in a row during the Kona cycling sector, for many kilometers you are completely concentrated trying not to lose the row. those kilometers? How do you spend those hours of such concentration?

The group after the swim was very numerous so the first part of the bike was complicated especially to respect the rules at all times and not receive a penalty. Luckily in Kona with the reflectors on the road it is easy to know that one is rolling at the regulatory distance.

Even so it is a complicated situation that requires a lot of focus on rolling in the right place and pay close attention especially when making an overtaking since you get to spend a lot of strength and energy if not done at the right time.

Once begins the climb to Hawi and then after the turn back to Kona is when you can roll more to your own rhythm and the race begins to break so it is really the moment where you can concentrate more on your effort.

Eneko Plains ironman Hawaii


- In general terms, what is your assessment of the 2015 season?

It has been a good season and above all a very good end of the season. The victory in the 70.3 of Lanzarote and the seventh place in Kona have undoubtedly been results that I am very happy about. The rest of the tests in which I have competed have also performed at a good level, although without a doubt the best has been the end of the season.

- Thanks to the 7ª place in the World Cup in Hawaii, you will start 2016 with a good mattress of KPR points ... What are your main objectives for next year? When getting Slot Ruth for the 70.3 World Cup ... Do you plan to try to get the classification?


I still have to secure the qualification for Kona finishing an Ironman, otherwise I think that I am already in a very good situation. Unlike other years I think I will not do any Ironman at the beginning of the season, I want to have a calm winter, making a good base and maybe competing in some 70.3 and medium distance triathlons.

In summer I will do an Ironman and then I will prepare the Hawaii Ironman. I would like to go to the 70.3 World Cup but being in Australia and on the scheduled dates it is a complicated trip and that can compromise the preparation for Kona, so for now we have ruled it out.

- You have been competing for more than 20 at international level, always with the best in each of the disciplines and distances. How do you manage to be at the highest level for so many years, always performing at the top positions?

My first triathlon was at 1993, my first international appointment even being a junior with the 1995 team at the Gerardmer World Cup (although at the 93 and 94 I already participated in Donosti, which at the time was the World Cup).

I think that throughout all these years I have focused on enjoying as much as possible of what I have done, looking for different challenges (Xterra, winter triathlons, duathlons, long distance, medium distance ...) to keep the fun and variety and Rest very much at the time of planning the seasons to stay well both physically and mentally.

Eneko Plains ironman Hawaii


- Several seasons ago that you do not compete in drafting races Do you miss running in shorter distances and with drafting?

Yes, the same as I miss doing more Xterras, Winter Triathlons or other disciplines. Now I am more focused on long distance and it is difficult to combine all the competitions in which I would like to be and get a good performance in the tests that most interest me, but I do not rule out competing in other types of triathlons if the occasion arises.

Without going any further this year I played the Eighth Island Challenge on the island of La Graciosa, on Saturday we did a crossover triathlon and on Sunday a mountain race of 32 kilometers, I loved the experience.

- On the other hand, you have competed in many modalities throughout your sports career. What is your favorite mode and distance, in which you feel more comfortable competing?

Each test has its own and in each one I find something that I like. But for fun and taste I think I would stay with the Xterra because I am in love with the mountains and this method brings me closer to it.

- And finally, after so many years at the highest level Who are the people and / or main sponsors that make it possible for you to continue year after year competing with the best?

Mainly my closest family and friends who are the biggest support. And of course I have to thank my sponsors for the support they give me, thanks to them I can continue to be active at the level I am now.

 With some I have a relationship that comes from many years ago as BH, Spiuk, Bulletbike and Campagnolo. More recent relationships but equally good and wanting to last over time with Reynolds, HUUB, Multipower, Sojasun, Cobb Cycling and Santa Rosa. And a very special and fundamental relationship for the value that it gives me with FitGüne, which is where we take care of all the aspects related to the position on the bicycle. Therefore, a very large group of help is the one I have behind and to which I greatly appreciate your trust.

- Thank you very much for sharing this time with the readers of Triathlon News. I wish you the best for the new season.

Many thanks to you. a greeting

Juan José Martí Ship

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