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Rubén Ruzafa: "In 2018 I will try to be ITU Tricross and Xterra World Champion again"

Ainhoa ​​Murua and Mikel Zabala will try to get the most out of the Malaga champion this new season.

Rubén Ruzafa It has become synonymous with off road, either in the ITU circuit or in the Xterra, and success, not in vain is triple world champion in both. Our protagonist faces, way of the 34 years, a new season with some novelties and desires that we reveal in this interview.

What is your overall balance for last season?

The balance of the 2017 season is good, I have managed to be on the podium in all the races that I have played less in a. I managed to fight for the victory in the ITU World Triathlon Cross Championship and the Xterra World Championship, finally being second and third respectively.

But above all it has made me see clearly that I had to change things to continue fighting for victory. Therefore, the I value positivelyWhen you win, you do not remove anything inside saying, I will work more and better, or I will change this or that. But when you do not end up in the position for which you have worked, things are removed, and something new begins.

In 2018, are you going to maintain the same main objectives or is there any variation in this regard?

I keep goals, Triathlon World Championship Cross Itu in Denmark the 10 of July, and the Xterra World Championship in Maui the October 28.

What will be the calendar of preparatory tests for the achievement of those great objectives?

My official testing schedule will be Xterra Rincón de la Victoria, Xterra Portugal, Xterra France, after this I will compete in the ITU Triathlon World Championships and in Xterra Czech. Then in August I will participate in the Xterra European Championship in Zittau. After that, I'll take a break and in September I'll start preparing for Maui, competing in Xterra Madrid, the last round of the Xterra European Tour.

At the level of planning and / or training, do you address any novelty in this 2018 or will you repeat the recipes of past seasons?

Yes. At the training level, Ainhoa ​​Murua is going to be the one who takes my training to a general level,  and Mikel Zabala is going to be a great support so that everything is filmed at all levels. The workouts are going to focus on being faster in all segments, let's say as if you were going to compete in Olympic distance.

Finally, I will also concentrate again on altitude, this year with two concentrations in April and October.

Rubén Ruzafa at Xterra Grecia

Seeing your record, for Rubén Ruzafa, is there life, in sporting terms, beyond Xterra / Tricross? Will our eyes see it? What do you have left to win? And to do? In sport and beyond.

Well, this year I wanted to compete again in the middle distance, finally I will compete in the 70.3 in Marbella. I guess if it goes well, I still encourage more. The triathlon of Zarautz I would like to compete at a good level, and preparing it. Every year I agree with something, to see if next year I can.

Many things remain for me to gain, to do and to experience. At all levels and in all sports. That's the beauty of this, one day something in you wakes up that tells you "I'm going to prepare this, I'm excited", or "I like running in the mountains, it makes me feel good, I'm going to experience this universe".

Beyond sport, I'm walking and making my way. It awakens in me the illusion of learning and being a sponge. Time will tell what doors open.

Finally, tell us who your main supporters are for this 2018, your club and your coach, or who you consider to be a partner in your sporting successes.

My main supports for 2018 go are Specialized, Costa del Sol, Trops, Castelli, Roberto Glasses, Orca, Inov-8, Bikephilosophy and Fatri. Europa Travel will help me with some trips and Torq with nutrition. Thanks to them I can be where I am, and prepare to give the best of me. My club will be the Bikephilosophy triathlon Club. Many people share my successes. My current coaches, Mikel Zabala and Ainhoa ​​Murua, who support me on a daily basis. My coaches and past supporters, Guillermo Mediano, Rafael Lopez Cazorla, Cristóbal Sánchez or Emilio Fernández.

My family, my close people, the greatest support, they see me, they are with me, they listen to me and help me. And then the people with whom I share brief moments, very important, that make me feel good, with a simple talk, a greeting, or a smile. Thank you all.

Photos provided by Rubén Ruzafa

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