We interviewed Saleta Castro "Ironman Lanzarote for me is special"

A few weeks before the Lanzarote Ironman, we have been talking with Saleta, who has told us how the preparation has been during these last months.


Saleta Castro (Club Where is the limit?) Disputes for the fourth consecutive year the Ironman of Lanzarote, with the intention of returning to the podium, was 3ª in 2013 and why not, dream of victory and emulate the great Maribel Blanco, the first Spaniard to win on the island in the editions of 2002 and 2003. A few weeks before the great date, we have been talking with Saleta, who has told us how the preparation has gone during these last months.



- Hello Saleta, how are you? Last season you had to finish it earlier than planned due to physical problems. Could you recover correctly? How have the trainings been these months prior to IM Lanzarote?

Hello Juanjo, very good thanks. As you comment last year I had to end the competitions in September since I was anemic, I decided to stop and recover well. This allowed me to rest and make a good preseason that the last years had not been able to do (In 2013 he played in September the IM Wisconsin and November the IM Cozumel).

- So, what have you modified this year in the preseason with the previous years?

On the one hand, I have done more work in the gym, in addition to quite a few quiet bike and foot race shoots before starting the more specific training.

Saleta Castro


- And these last weeks before Lanzarote?


In March I competed in my first half of the season in Tenerife, where I had a very good race and finished very satisfied. During the month of April has been the greatest loads of training and the truth that I have been able to assimilate everything very well without setbacks.

- What previous competitions are you going to play before Lanzarote?

In April I ran the Half TriLimit organized by my club Where is the limit ?. A few days ago I competed in Lanzarote, in the Volcano Triathlon (Olympic without drafting) organized by Club La Santa as the last triathlon prior to the IM. Also a week before the IM, I will swim at the Sailfish Lanzarote Open Water in Puerto del Carmen. The swim crossing runs through the same Ironman swimming circuit, an ideal opportunity to get to know the IMLZ swimming sector well.

- This is going to be your fourth participation in Lanzarote. What reasons do you have to repeat each year?

Lanzarote I have always said that for me it is special, here I debuted in Ironman in 2012 and it is a competition that has always gone well even though I have not been well on a bike or on foot but I have always been able to get it out and it is a test that motivates me a lot. In addition, I have lived a year and a half in Lanzarote, the island I love and the whole of everything makes for me this Ironman is the best.

- Looking ahead to the competition How do you approach the race?

As I told you before, in addition to increasing the strength work In the gym I have also done a very large block of cycling, which I hope will be reflected in Lanzarote and also throughout the season.

- What is your favorite area of ​​the cycling sector?

I always say that the Ironman starts at La Santa, around the 80 bike. Once you get there, the hardest part begins and where the most important differences in cycling begin to mark, in the last 100km.


Saleta Castro

- And how do you face the marathon?

I hope to run it like in 2013, in 3h26m, last year I suffered a lot and it went to 3h23m.

- What are your goals for this competition?

I am confident in my swimming and being able to start as always in the top three. After matching the bike time of last year where I felt very good and trying to run the marathon as in 2013. My intention is to compete to return to the podium like two years ago and why not, dream of victory. A priori it seems that the level of the girls is not as high as in other competitions but there are always 2 or 3 of the best who break the race and make things very complicated.

- Finally, what advice can you give to the thousands of participants of age groups that will compete the next May 23 in Lanzarote, especially the debutantes?

The first thing is that they are calm, that they are not afraid but that they respect distance. Let them swim without stress. In cycling the first kms that do not trust, is a grateful ground where if you pass rhythm then you will pay. Do not forget to eat and drink well so that the marathon goes as well as possible.

- Thank you very much Saleta, a pleasure to have been able to converse with you and that the readers of Triatlonnoticias know well how your preparation has been and how you face the IM of Lanzarote. See you next May 23. Many encouragement for everything.

Thank you very much for sharing this short time and being able to tell a little about how I am preparing Lanzarote. A greeting.

Juan José Martí Navío (@jjnavio)

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