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Spain will make history in 2023 with three major World Triathlon events

Spain is going to achieve in 2023 a milestone that until now no country had been able to achieve and that is, after just over 30 years of national and international Triathlon competitions.

For the first time, a country will organize the three main events worldwide in this sport in the same calendar year.

In 2023, Spain will become the world epicenter of Triathlon sheltering the Multisport World Championship 2023 in Ibiza, the European Championship in Madrid and as a finishing touch the Grand Final of the World Series in Pontevedra.

"Spain will achieve in 2023 a milestone not achieved so far by any country” affirmed José Hidalgo, president of the Spanish Triathlon Federation.

"In 2023 everything important in the World Triathlon will pass through Spain, being the reflection in which other countries have to look”, he added.

It is a milestone that has never been achieved by any other nation, nor by a national Triathlon federation during more than 30 years of national and international competitions.

In addition, Hidalgo stressed that "We will offer our athletes the best conditions and scenarios and the support of Spanish fans in this crucial year for qualifying for the Olympic Games.

Not only that. We will also give our Age Groups and all multisport athletes of all sensitivities, categories and levels, the chance to compete at the highest level in their country.".

 Ibiza Multisport World Championship

In chronological order, the first of the three events will be the Ibiza Multisport World Championship to be held from April 29 to May 7.

Athletes from the five continents will be present on the island in an event in which we can enjoy six world championships in one with the specialties of Duathlon, Aquathlon, Cross Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Long Distance Triathlon and Aquabike

European Championship in Madrid.

The capital will once again host the best triathletes on the European scene from June 2 to 4, in an appointment already marked in red by triathletes who are seeking to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games.

Grand Final of the World Series in Pontevedra

And as a climax, the Grand Final of the World Series in Pontevedra from September 20 to 24.

Undoubtedly the most anticipated event of the year in which the best triathletes on the world scene will not be missing.

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