Five Spaniards dispute the Weihai World Cup in China.

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Tomorrow Saturday the World Cup returns to the Asian continent in the Weihai event with the presence of the "Second Unit" of the TRIarmada: Uxío Abuín, Antonio Serrat, Jordi García, Camila Alonso and Melina Alonso.

The competition will take place in Olympic distance, with swimming 1.500m, segment that will consist of 2 turns of 750m, later the triathletes will pedal during 40 km, giving 6 turns to a circuit with technical and hard parts of 6,67 km to finish with 10 km of run on foot 

In the male category the South African Wiam Sullwald part with the dorsal number 1 of main favorite. Next to him, the Russian will fight for the medals Igor Polyanskiy, the Japanese Jupei Furuya, the Mexican Rodrigo González, and the three Spaniards: Uxio Abuín, Antonio Serrat y Jordi Garcia. All three know what it is like to get on an ITU podium in the last two seasons. 

Male start list 

Spanish Chinese World Cup

As far as women's competition is concerned, the Swiss Jolanda Annen part with number 1, and next to it the Russian Elena Danilova, the Australian Emma Jackson and the Austrian Lisa Perterer they are the main candidates for victory. On the other hand, Camila Alonso y Melina Alonso will be the Spanish representatives in the race, with a great opportunity to add good ITU points. 

Female start list  

The boys will be the first to compete, at the 8: 00 local time (the 2: 00 Spanish time) while the girls will do it at the 10: 45 (4: 45 hour in Spain) 

Uxío → Facebook Uxio Abuin, Jordi → Salvador Fernandez, Antonio → Facebook Antonio Serrat, Camila → Krist Vanmelle, Melina → Roberto Gilarte 

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