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Special coaches: Omar González

Today we interview Omar González, head of the CGTD of Pontevedra and Fernando Alarza's trainer.

Hi Omar, good morning. How were your beginnings as a coach?

In the swimming club where I swam soon I began to practice as a coach and following my steps several of the swimmers I wore started with triathlons. We are talking about principles of the 90.

Where is the place where you carry out your professional career today?

I work for the Galician Triathlon Federation being responsible for the Galician Center for Sports Technology of Pontevedra.

Could you mention any coach or coaches that are your reference, with whom you have learned or with whom you have good professional relationships?

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to see great coaches work, they, the athletes themselves and the circumstances of our sport are my inspiration for daily work.

Omar González training group

Who are the main triathletes you work with today?

- Fernando Alarza, 5th in the Cto. of the World 2015

- Antonio Serrat, 5th European Under 23 Championship 2015, World Junior Duathlon Champion 2014, Europe Junior Triathlon Junior Champion 2014.

- Luimi Velasques, Venezuelan international triathlete.

- Camila Alonso, current champion of Spain sprint sub23 and elite runner-up.

- Maria Ortega, elite international Spain.

- Joselyn Brea, Junior Duathlon World Champion and U23 Aquathlon.

- Carlos Brion, Martin Carrera and Iago Lorenzo complete the group.

And could you tell us some quality to stand out from them?

Many, but I stay with the group they form and the quality they have. This year I am enjoying the training more than ever and with the day to day of the group.

What are your main goals as a coach in this 2016?

Keep evolving, both personally and professionally. Helping athletes achieve their goals gives me a great feeling.

Can you give us some general advice for those who start working as coaches?

Let them listen, feel and understand their athletes, both physically and mentally.

And some basic tips for those who start practicing triathlon?

Enjoy it, have fun, go fast little by little

Website, facebook, twitter ...? (So ​​that our readers can follow you and agree a little better.)

Facebook: Omar Gonzalez Sampedro

Twitter: omar_delfin


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