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Success in the IX Acuatlón de Menores Mini Challenge Doñana

A total of 155 enrolled in five age groups participated along with the replica of the Nao Victoria in Sanlucar de Barrameda

The Bajo Guía beach in Sanlúcar has hosted a new edition of the Junior Aquathlon Mini Doñana Challenge, organized by the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sports of Andalusia and the Andalusian Triathlon Federation for five age categories.

The ninth test has taken place a few meters from the replica of the Nao Victoria of the circumnavigation with young athletes of both sexes competing together in their age categories and which has had a total participation of 155 registered.

Male cadet: 19 registered, 1500 foot, 400 swim, 1500 foot.

1st Eloy Ocaña (not federated) 21:08

2nd Pablo Pino Almazán (ADSevilla) 21:15

3rd José Antonio Gómez Marín (ADSevilla) 21:26

Female cadet: 8 registered 1500 foot, 400 swim, 1500 foot.

1st Lucia Verano Parejo (not federated) 24:41

2nd Marta Jiménez Rangel (not federated) 24:43

3rd Laura Benítez Romero (not federated) 24:58

Male child: 27 enrolled. 1000 foot, 400 swim, 1000 foot.

1st David Moreno Ordóñez (Isbiliya Slopy Joe´s) 14:54

2nd Héctor Amuedo Rodríguez (ADSevilla) 15:31

3rd Juan Antonio Reyes Granado (not federated) 15:33

Female children: 10 registered. 1000 foot, 400 swim, 1000 foot.

1st María Sosa Mauriño (TT Hortícola Ilturgitana) 17:31

2nd Marta Pino Almazán (not federated) 18:00

3rd María Fernández Lucas (Hotel Los Monteros) 18:11

Male fry: 9 enrolled. 500 foot, 200 swim, 500 foot.

1º Alejandro Castro García (CD Atletismo Coria) 7:45

2nd Miguel Marquina Fernández (not federated) 8:10

3rd Antonio Miguel Moreno Montero (CD Chiclanero) 8:31

Female fry: 9 enrolled. 500 foot, 200 swim, 500 foot.

1st Paula Jurado Ortiz (Isbiliya Slopy Joe´s) 7:54

2nd Clara Navarro Reyes (Independent) 8.27

3rd Marina Lazo Venegas (CD Actrion Torre del Mar) 8:40

Male Benjamin: 27 enrolled. 250 foot, 100 swim, 250 foot

1ºJesús Pachón Herrera (Isbiliya Slopy Joe´s) 5:56

2nd Yerai Amado Pérez (CD Chiclanero) 6:08

3rd Alejandro Serrano Barba (not federated) 6:15

Female Benjamin: 9 enrolled. 250 foot, 100 swim, 250 foot

1ª Elena Moreno Montero (CD Chiclanero) 6:39

2nd Paola Sánchez Serrano (not federated) 6:57

3rd Celia Arteaga Estévez (CD Atletismo Coria) 6:57

Prebenjamín masculine: 18 enrolled. 125 foot, 50 swim, 125 foot

1º Manuel Castro García (CD Atletismo Coria) 2:24

2nd Carlos Robles Romero (not federated) 2:33

3º Alberto Mena Orozco (not federated) 2:51

Prebenjamín feminine: 5 registered. 125 foot, 50 swim, 125 foot

1st Carlota Mena Orozco (not federated) 2:59

2nd Blanca Mena Orozco (not federated) 3:00

3rd Alejandra García Parrado (not federated) 3:12

The trophy deliveries were attended by the Territorial Delegate for Education and Sport in Cádiz, Miguel Andreu Estaún; the president of the Andalusian Triathlon Federation, Pablo Castilla, and the councilor of the Sanlúcar City Council, Javier San Nicolás.

Tomorrow at 10.30 in the morning the departure of the 428 registered in the X Doñana Challenge will take place, in whose ribbon cutting will be the Councilor Juan Marín, Víctor Mora Escobar, Mayor of Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Isabel Sánchez Fernández, General Director of Sports.


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