Success in the MTRI Alicante

Sara Alemany and Héctor Arévalo, absolute winners of the Olympic in MTRI Alicante

Mediterranean Triathlon Alicante ended the first of the 3 tests of the circuit with the dispute on the day of yesterday Sunday of the Olympic distance.

At the headquarters, the Regional Olympic Triathlon Championship, therefore the triathlon federates of the Valencian Community, came out ready to compete for the trophy.

The day took place normally and was a great success with the participation of triathletes (417 registered) and the public that came to cheer on the streets of Alicante.

At 8.15:2 a.m., the team of officials from the Valencian Community gave way to the group of male triathletes who would start in 8.30 batches, which would be followed at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. by the girls.

After 2 laps in the swimming segment, the UA Triathlon triathletes, Héctor Arévalo and Gültigin Er, came out of the water at the head of the race, accompanied by Guillem Segura from Saltoki Trikideak.

The 3 defended the leadership of the competition from start to finish, and were exchanging positions, closely followed by Alejandro Torres who had just won ICAN Triathlon Alicante and knew the cycling circuit perfectly. The triathlete from Alicante got off in 5th position after the bike.

The positions would be maintained from the beginning. The lead imposed an intense pace that made it impossible for the 4th and 5th to catch up, after 5 laps of the cycling circuit.

Finally Héctor Arévalo He managed to distance himself in the foot race and entered the finish line as Regional Olympic Triathlon Champion and winner of the second day of MTRI Alicante 2022, with a time of 1.50.40:1:XNUMX. He just XNUMX' later did Gültigin Er. closed the podium Guillem Segura of the Saltoki Trikideak with 1.52.21.

The girls left 15' after the men's start. 66 girls jumped into the water, 44 of them would participate in the regional competition.

The undisputed dominance of the UA Triathlon was repeated, which presented a team made up of 10 triathletes in both categories, male and female, in competition.

The first to come out of the water was Josefina Flores, followed closely by Sara Alemany and distanced herself from both Yaiza Sáiz who came out of the water 3rd.

In the cycling segment Sara alemany was imposed on Josephine and from the second lap he was leading the competition. Josefina would end up distancing herself and giving way to Yaiza Saiz, her teammate, who would enter the finish line 3'25” from Sara Alemany.

The podium was defined. The 3 triathletes of the UA Triathlon would occupy the first 3 places, with Sara being the undisputed winner of the competition, and leader of the cycling and running races.

The competition ended around 12 noon with the entrance of the last participant at the finish line and subsequent delivery of trophies.

Again there was a intense day of triathlon in Alicante.

The city welcomed the triathlon on a weekend of summer temperatures, the sea in its best version, the asphalt in perfect condition for cycling and a promenade full of people cheering on the participants in the last meters of the race walking.

Competition results

Next appointment Castellón in the month of July

The next venue for the Mediterranean Triathlon circuit will be Castellón, on July 2 and 3. We will celebrate again 3 distances with individual and couples modality.

Registration is open on the official website. They are also for the last of the venues, MTRI València, which in this edition will include the celebration of a great international event, the València Triathlon World Cup.

Official MTRI 2022 information:

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