An amateur triathlete dies when crashing head-on with a truck

Pedro Manuel Alonso, 52, a firefighter in Arteixo, had survived a similar accident three years ago that took him to the ICU

As reported The voice of Galicia, A cyclist lost his life, around 15.20:XNUMX pm, in Bergondo when he collided head-on in a traffic accident.

The event took place at the height of San Paio, on the road that goes down from Guísamo to the El Chiquitero bar, in an area where the existence of a house narrows the passage.

Pedro, was 52 years old

The deceased, Pedro Manuel Alonso Prado A 52-year-old neighbor of O Carballo (Oleiros), he was going down with three other colleagues from Guísamo and a truck was driving in front of him and caught up with him.

Pedro Alonso was a firefighter and had joined the Arteixo regional park in 2004, where his colleagues showed their regret for the loss.

Another accident, 3 years ago, prevented him from going to the IRONMAN of Hawaii

Pedro Alonso was a great athlete, who trained to participate in triathlons and ironman events. However, another cycling accident, which occurred three years ago, brought him first to the ICU and its aftermath prevented him from returning to work.

"Sbeyond that of a miracle, a dog had crossed», Explained a fellow park member after hearing the news. Due to the accident he had suffered fractures to his head, clavicle and six ribs, injuries that prevented him from participating in the  IRONMAN of Hawaii.

The deceased, who shared his life with his partner and had no children, had the bad luck of fall before the truck in a narrow area of ​​the road that joins Guísamo with Cecebre. "He looked very fair and fell under the wheel," said colleagues who approached the area.

 At the scene of the accident, the Local Police and Civil Protection of Bergondo, Civil Guard and Firefighters of Betanzos moved, but nothing could be done to save him.

From Triathlon News we send our deepest condolences to your family and friends

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