The FastTriatlon revalidates its title of Champion of the King's Cup of Triathlon

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The Catalans of FastTriatlon-CN Montjuic were the great winners of the spectacular Copa del Rey that was played in Águilas during the day on Saturday.

Their competition put the finishing touch to a marathon triathlon day that began at nine o'clock in the morning with the trials of the Spanish Time Trial Triathlon Championship at school age, which ended with the shouts of joy and celebration of the Catalan team over twelve. hours later.

The competition was experienced with great excitement since the first teams took the start. The Ferrer Hotels and the University of Alicante were respectively the first leaders of the competition, since their bibs placed them in a comfortable way out and with enough time of separation over the main favorites, with the lowest numbers. But once all the teams had finished the swim segment it was proven that it would be difficult for them to give the surprise. The Valencians managed to hold the bronze medal but the gold and silver was going to be decided on a heads-up between the last two teams that took the start, Galician Cidade de Lugo Fluvial and FastTriatlon.

First came the Fluvial team members (Alejandro Álvarez, Antonio Benito, Andrés Cendán, Romaric Forqués, Javier Lluch and Kevin Tarek Viñuela), hoping to forget their last second place achieved five times. Worse, once more they stayed with the honey on their lips, adding again the silver medal. And it is that the Catalans of FastTriatlon did not give them an option, marking the difference in the bike segment and reaching the finish line with a final time of 0: 56: 24, with 22 seconds ahead of the Cidade de Lugo. In this way, Aleix Domenech, Jordi Garcia, Cesc Godoy, Adriá Muñoz, Albert Parreño and Jordi Relats added a new Copa del Rey for their club, the second consecutive.

Open Male and School

Prior to the Copa del Rey, the Open event was held, with Madrid podium and Claveria double with two of its registered teams, and the gold medals were for the components of the Rivas devils (Bravo, Colorado, Manzano, Navas, Ramiro and Yusta) being silver and bronze for the triathletes of the Mostóles B Clavería (Madroño, Montiel, Muñoz, Octavio and Peral) and Clavería Móstoles C (Agudo, Blazquez, Ricardo Clavería, Del Castillo, Mancheño and Tonda).

The Spanish Time Trial Triathlon Championships in the School Age also had their Open events, so finally there were two podiums for the smallest categories. The races were played with the heat of the Águilas public, their clubmates who competed later and the parents who accompanied them in these tests. And the youngest enjoyed their championship in Spain at the top.
The victory was for the Tripuçol, being the second place on the podium for the CT Huracan and being third triathletes of the Tritrain4you. While in the Open category the triumph corresponded to the CT Caravaca, with the CT Las Rozas and the CT Diablillos de Rivas second and third respectively.

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