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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

Challenge Roth 2023 date confirmed

Following extensive discussions between TEAMCHALLENGE, Ironman and the German Triathlon Union, all organizations have agreed on a calendar for major German long-distance races, including the Challenge Roth

As in previous years, those involved scheduled the dates in the best interest of the athletes, the media, triathlon fans and exhibitors at the fair.

Challenge race director Felix Walchshöfer is happy with the agreements between the main players.

"It is a very nice thing in terms of triathlon that we, together with Ironman and the DTU, have been able to find the best possible solutions for several years when it comes to scheduling the events.

 Especially in the times of COVID, this is not something that can be given, so personally I am very happy. Ultimately, our entire sport benefits from it. “

The date chosen for the celebration of the Challenge Roth has been the June 25 2023.

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